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Zombie Knives

zombie weapons

New Jersey Knife Laws

Knife laws in New Jersey have evolved over the years especially with the introduction of the now infamous Zombie Knives. There has been an upward trend in the design and manufacturing of zombie knives and zombie weaponry these past few years. Some credit that to the success of the network television series The Walking Dead. There has also been the resurfacing of cult classics and the introduction of new big screen Zombie flicks like World War Z that featured Brad Pitt.

Whatever sparked this craze could be argued, but that fact that there is a huge Zombie Knife craze swarming the internet and local cutlery shops can not be argued. We have searched the web and local retailers to try and determine if the knives that were being sold were legal in the state of New Jersey. As it turns out, New Jersey has not banned the Zombie Knife and allows the purchase and shipment of them across it’s state lines.

So who is buying this stuff?

We did a brief online survey to try and identify the demographic makeup of these knife collectors and were surprised to find that the age range was quite broad. There were plenty of adults signing up to buy the latest craze in Zombie Knives as soon as they hit the market. We had assumed internally that these fan boys would have been more of the gamer era and less of the baby boom era but I guess we were wrong. Everyone is jumping on the Zombie bandwagon.

What Exactly Are Zombie Knives?

zombie knives and weaponsIf you search the web you will find a vast array of knives that range from a pocket sized carry to a Zombie Machete like war weapon. Some of the designs are coming out of mass manufacturing plants, while others are locally made in states across the country. We found a pretty cool article on “Dude I Want That” featuring zombie knives designed by a group out of Arizona called Zombiehammer. These knife designs are crazy and should not be allowed in the hands of anyone under the age of 18.

Know The Laws!

It is important that if you live in New Jersey, or anywhere else in the U.S. that you research your local gun laws. New Jersey residence can reference this article on local knife laws.

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