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Trump Is Wrong About People “Cheering” 9/11 In New Jersey — Here’s The Evidence | MTV News

Trump Is Wrong About People “Cheering” 9/11 In New Jersey — Here’s The Evidence | MTV News
MTV News revisits a controversial Paterson interview from 2001 that launched a now-discredited rumor.

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  • Show Comments (21)

  • cindy Queen

    Ha! She admits she lied! Take that racist trump fans!

  • Gary B

    ok people are stupid if they fall for this she holds that mic like she
    works for mtv just because one person said they were lying dont mean
    muslims didnt cheer type in muslims dancing after 9/11 it will show videos
    and has cops talking about it a lot more than one account of this girl on
    the video so how does that discredit trump for saying that not only muslims
    here were cheering but all over the world mtv is anti america trying to
    help destroy this country

  • Philip Hunter

    I watched the TV news coverage for 5 days during and after the 9/11 attack
    . I saw news coverage of American people, who I presume were moslems,
    dancing and celibrating in the streets. There were hundreds of them. Why
    nobody else other than Trump and myself can remember this has me perplexed.

  • Julio Thompson

    LOLOLOL – she is so lying

  • bass ali

    the same area the same kids you will see everyday even if you go right now
    you will see the kids playing over there.


    she probably has family who are illegal immigrants

  • Juan Hernandez

    Trump probably paid her.

  • ΜΑΚΕΔΝΟΣ τὸ ἔθνος

    So she heard them say “burn America” when she was young and innocent, but
    denies it now that she’s a jaded old leftist with a grudge against
    “privileged white males”. I know which Emily I believe, and not just
    because she was a lot prettier back then.

  • Realhomiequan

    They cheered and blew off fireworks in Dearborn, Michigan. Saw it first
    hand. They want America to perish and they admit it. I could give two fucks
    what trump says, those who disagree are just doing so because of there
    political differences. They were 100% cheering in America, maybe not this
    specific town they’re talking about but they were in other parts of the

  • John A.

    Although I don’t plan on voting for Trump, I do remember hearing a news
    report of some people cheering after 9/11.

  • Johnny Jones

    No he wasn’t wrong, I saw the news clips of Muslims cheering on the streets
    of Paterson myself. I saw the media clips with my own eyes; it was pretty
    big news back on 9-11, especially here in NJ. Now you lying fucks are
    trying to sweep it under the carpet like it never happened. You can
    bullshit yourselves, and quite possibly many others, but you can’t bullshit

  • North Jersey (NorthJersey908)

    Saw the whole thing, I see no evidence to support MTV’s claims. I’m a 34
    year NJ native, MUSLIMS CELEBRATED 9/11. It happened, WaPo reporters were
    discredited by their own accounts they tried to hide but wrote just after
    it happened! You can all stop twisting facts. Muslims celebrated, it
    happened and you all just need to accept that. Islam is a cancer on this

  • Remove Kebab

    No, he isn’t

  • Gary Anderson

    Gee, I find it amazing the videos somehow all disappeared! God must have
    done it.
    “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like
    people that weren’t captured.” –Donald Trump on John McCain

  • Southern Belle

    I saw people cheering with my own eyes. It is unbelievable that they are
    trying to lie and say that the sick minded people were not happy.

  • matt angelo

    so she lies and he’s “another privlaged white male” she is an asshole

  • Dwayne Johnson

    ‘Thousands’ of Muslims celebrated 9/11 and there isn’t a single fucking
    photographic or videographic proof to back this up. My God you people are

  • beastypie99

    The mayor of NYC said that a concluded investigation showed Muslims
    celebrating 9/11. You must be fucking retarded if you think they didn’t

  • Lok’tar Ogar

    MTV still sucking at news.. do music

  • Angel Melendez

    She’s lying. I’m from Jersey and I saw celebrations. Not “thousands upon
    thousands”, but their sure were hundreds.

  • Jake MacHine

    i saw muslim pigs celebrating in Chicago. yes , muslims were celebrating.
    FU losers

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