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NEW YORK – Indian Street Food (FATHER & SON ) – Times Square

NEW YORK – Indian Street Food (FATHER & SON ) – Times Square
Indian street food at NEW YORK CITY – Downtown -Times Square
this is a video of father and sons street food business in downtown india. father arrived in NYC and son was born american. They sell peanuts where as sons sells halal meat and some non veg indian food. they work from 4 pm to 4 am in morning 7 days a weeks. remember this is the city that never sleep so they make good money.

My channel is about Indian, NRI Indian, Village life, Street food, Strange Documentary, Real life wild and comedy videos from Pakistan, USA, Australia, New Zealand,UAE, Saudi Arabia in English, Hindi, हिन्दी, Gujarati, Punjabi, French, Francais. I have travelled 21 countries and can speak 5 languages but none of them are fluent.lol..!! fave Fun…

I have participated in many local events. India Wild Films gives you an opportunity to explore not only India but different part of the world in unique real way. Even after moving out of India 20 years ago, my heart and soul is Indian. Check out my website to discover real India
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Almost Original (Instrumental) by Joakim Karud
Music provided by Audio Library

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  • Happy 888

    I’m Chinese and have  lived and worked with Indians and I find Indians being intelligent, diligent, stoic and most importantly of all, they respect the culture of their host country and are ready to assimilate but yet painstakingly preserving their unique culture. When I was in high school, I was always looking forward to be invited to have tea by an Indian classmate. I love their masala tea and Indian sweets.

  • Sanjog Wayne

    I have lived in NYC way enough to know that’s an Egyptian food truck, not Indian.

  • Ayush P Bhosale

    Just ate 2 eggs
    Hungry again

  • Mohammed Aamir

    1.30 min me sirf ek customer…
    lagta hai vaha pe bhi mandi chal rahi hai

  • Rola Pola

    *Hindu motherfucker, are you fucking blind? These guys are Egyptians and selling Arab and American food.*

  • Travel To The World

    Thanks for upload ❤️🇺🇸

  • Dr Woohoo

    Video is just full of music and doesn’t convey what it should have. Neways.. Good luck to you both.

  • Namish Shaikh NEF videos

    My dream city new York

  • parshotam tak


  • Moomin Pug

    nice and halal as well!

  • john striker

    My life suxs…. (+_+)

  • Arturo Lopez

    What the fuck you showed me nothing but a ugly fat ass guy counting money

  • LA Nazaakat


  • Varcodex

    Thanks for such detailed video. It would help for my next visit. I love food. Thanks.

  • rahul parekh

    This is not Indian food , there are many carts selling the same food on every street corner in times square. I would love if they started selling some real Indian food

  • TN MUSlC

    Ew I hate cart like this. Smell up the street and congest the air. They use the same hand giving money and making food. Also the air contaminated their meat

  • S Krish

    they are Indians but it is not Indian Street food

  • stan

    Veganfly, the light-gathering ability of your device looks quite good. What did you use to capture, and do you recall the settings? New York streets at night, with food trucks, always make for an interesting clip! Thank you!

  • Ganesh Mehta

    M bhi aa jau ky km k lye,😊

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