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Hello fellas
For those of you who have noticed, I had to delete the first version of this review because I used copyrighted music, my mistake. I just edited new music to it and reuploaded again. I’m sorry that you have to rewrite your comment if you already dropped one πŸ˜‰ Sorry for any inconvenience!
So some details about this review…this is the return flight of my short NYC trip in September 2015. I could choose between Delta’s non stop flight to Zurich, KLM or Air France. Since KLM is a very likeable airline and added brand new business class seats to their planes I decided to give it a try. Our plane was a rather old 747-400 combi, meaning that there is a cargo compartment behind the economy class.
I really enjoyed their business class service, everything was pretty well organized, the delta lounge is pretty nice and I really liked that new seat. Pretty comfortable, a good amount of privacy, a very large screen and some nice details make this a good business class seat. And I had my best and deepest sleep ever, though I’m not quite sure if the seat was that great or the alcohol hit me hard this time πŸ˜‰
The crew was doing a great job, they were always friendly and helpful, very attentive and in a good mood. Initially one of the FA’s was a bit skeptic about me filming all the time, but after a nice chat about why I would walk around with a camera all the time she was totally relaxed about it.
The food was good too, meal service started quickly after takeoff and there was enough time to get a good amount of sleep. Only thing I can say is that I didn’t like the plastic dishes.
Anyhow, KLM offers a great business class product and I would fly them anytime again!

Here is the link to my Delta Business class review:

Much love,

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  • Henrik _Official

    I Love your videos!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Salah

    The only thing is, why do airlines make a huge luxury class just for flying to another location?

  • tessa le roux

    I think after reading so many reviews on different airlines I think I will choose Klm business class from Cape Town to Miami and they have the most reasonable price. Thanks for sharing your journey

  • Caleb Daniels

    Deez nuts lol

  • GalaxyMaster 101

    I loved KLM when I flew it. It wasn’t business class, but the IFE is great, the food is great, and they have snacks in the galleys for ALL passengers πŸ˜ƒ

  • a d godbee

    You might evaluate the luggage claim/retrieval experiences, Okay?

  • HueyG

    i hate jfk terminal 4

  • Gledys Hernadez


  • Halloffamepro


  • Eric Thire

    belle video comme toujours

  • Kiki Reisdorff

    No singles seats ifyou travel alone !!!

  • Ron

    What’s with the plastic dishes KLM?

  • helthuismartin

    Jesus wat een kabaal daar binnenin.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Great review of this Dutch Queen of the Skies πŸ™‚ would you find it okay if I posted this video of yours in the Boeing 747 Fan Club I am moderator of? With your credits of course πŸ™‚

  • Sean Devlin

    NOOO JetBlue is way up there dominating the eastern side of the airport I go plane spotting all the time great vid tho

  • Sean Devlin

    People should learn how to travel like u so that they can have all of this free time

  • Augusto Toledo

    Nice review

  • Herbert Carillo

    Great video dude . Keep posting

  • Herbert Carillo

    How were u able to keep the video from jumping during takeoff and landing ?

  • Denise Williams

    Klm is class

  • Deem M

    I don’t care for 2 by 2 seat configurations. I like windows seat to be by it’s self for privacy.

  • o.O? Really?

    Collecting those delft houses is my fav part x) It’s why i always fly KLM

  • Dino Elephant

    Deez nuts……..hahahaha…did you listen to rap music in the 1990s? Hope deez nuts were warm….

  • Denise Williams

    Does 747-800 klm have two seats together next to window please in business ?

  • NZL

    I believe KLM have stopped using their 747’s since 2017,i saw the last flight online arriving in St Maarten.

  • Denise Williams

    Why is it that economy looks miseridom the ppl 🀨☹️just shows sometimes money can buy happiness

  • Brendan Petry

    Love Delta Airlines!

  • M Scott

    I like the layout more than enclosed “pods” they are too claustrophobic for me.

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