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Jersey City 9/11 Celebration Report CBS

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  • sycam3472

    Seen in in Jersey city with my own eyes when i was working as a linesman on
    911. I was so disgusted i packed up my equipment and left the area. I don’t
    care what anyone try’s to tell me about peaceful muslims. I know what i
    saw. I knew it as soon as Trump said it and brought it up again. I will be
    voting Trump because he is the only person who has the balls to tell the
    truth. If a war starts in this country because of these people, then i will
    be the first to pick up a gun and “get some”

  • xTheTruePlayerx

    Trump 2016 all the fucking way. I don’t want any fucking Muslims in this
    god damn country. Not. One. Single. Muslim. Don’t even give a shit how
    intolerant that is. Fuck you and your political correctness.

  • Darth Vitiate

    Kill all muslims in the USA they defile our country with their mere

  • Zone Zane


  • Al Stephen

    This is a report from the media at a time when the government was using
    them to lie to US citizens to cause a war. We all know Bush and Cheney
    lied. So why are we so ready to accept the truth now?? Is it simply because
    it “helps prove trumps point”. If a point is to be proved, all doubts have
    to be taken away and with my latter statement, doubts have not been taken

  • neekerikala

    Youtube will probably try to remove this video

  • James o’loughlin

    No actual footage of ‘celebration’ to be found in this video.

  • Pretty fly for wifi

    I don’t see any fucking celebration.

  • Michael Green

    Eight men celebrating on a rooftop, according to unconfirmed ‘reports’.
    Trump turns this into saying he ‘saw’ thousands of Muslims celebrating in
    the streets. Pathetic.

  • Thomas Moore

    The funny thing is that none of this ever proved true… which is to say,
    none of those people were ever arrested or convicted of conspiracy… so
    you have to wonder if it really happened, or if it was just another red
    herring… an unfounded “story.”
    There is no proof here… just a lot of “what people heard” from other

  • Bill Ham

    Don’t believe the lying, biased media! Except here, this guy’s telling the

  • Enter a name here

    Trump claimed to have seen footage of 1000s of muslims celebrating. This
    video shows 8 muslims being detained.


  • Amy “Jett” Jennings

    Donald Trump will never ever be president I can assure you of that someone
    will help the situation I am sure and make sure he never gets in we cannot
    afford that in the world to have a person like him and power he will be
    stopped at any and all costs no question and no doubt Hillary Rodham
    Clinton will be our next president of the world not Adolf Hitler Trump

  • Lisa Whitworth

    I Am shocked that more Americans aren’t outraged!

  • Dan Burke

    This video does not prove that Trump was correct. Trump said that thousands
    of Muslims were in the streets and on the rooftops of Newark celebrating
    the collapsing of the twin towers. This video said that only 8 of them were
    celebrating in Jersey City, and those 8 were believed to be connected to Al
    Qaeda. So Trump not only got the city wrong, but he vastly overestimated
    the number of people celebrating.

  • mike carbone

    I guess trump was right

  • Corey Stryker

    the mainstream media must have forgot about this.

  • Charlie Hammer

    Just MORE proof that NO Muslims can EVER be trusted or be allowed to live
    among civilized people. As the number of Muslims increases in any given
    area, so too does their aggressiveness, intolerance and violence against
    non-Muslims. Not all Muslims are violent or terrorists themselves but make
    NO mistake, they will NOT defend or protect YOU against those Muslims who
    ARE. The minority of Muslims who WILL defend you are NOT following the
    tenets of their religion properly, tenets which command them to murder and
    enslave non-Muslims. Here are some of those violent and intolerant verses…

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast *terror into the hearts of the
    Unbelievers,* for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had
    sent no authority”.

    Qur’an (5:51) – “O you who believe! *do not take the Jews and the
    Christians for friends;* they are friends of each other; *and whoever* *among
    you takes them for a friend, then* *surely he is one of them; surely Allah
    does* *not guide the unjust people.”*

    Qur’an (8:12) – “I will cast *terror* into the hearts of those who
    disbelieve. *Therefore* *strike off their heads and strike off every* *fingertip
    of them”*

    Qur’an (8:55) – “Surely *the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those
    who disbelieve,* then they would not believe.”

    Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! *Fight those of the unbelievers who are
    near to you and let them find in you hardness.”*

    If any non-Muslim reading this has any Muslim “friends” or acquaintances I
    wouldn’t turn my back on them if I was you, lest you find a knife in it
    someday. The soldiers at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon victims learned
    this lesson the hard way.

  • Indio Side

    A hand full of extremists, but no dancing video. Trump is stupid.

  • natalie grace

    The media called Trump a liar when he said he saw people cheering when the
    World Trade Center went down. Lying media. Full of shit.

  • Michael A

    It’s truly amazing how Trump supporters have no respect nor need for truth,
    evidence, nor fact. The most amusing part is they say things like: “SEE!!
    TRUMP WINS! MEDIA LOSES!”…. while… using a clip from the media.
    However, nothing in this video helps Trump. Trump’s claim was this: “”And I
    watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were
    cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were
    cheering.”….. Nothing in this video shows nor confirms that “thousands of
    people were cheering”… and he “watched” them? From where?

    Trump is full of shit and every fact-checking source has already confirmed
    this. But…. facts are now “librul”… so… you can’t ration with these
    uneducated water-brained white folk.

  • Indio Side

    Sounds like claims from Muslim-phobes

  • scottson2

    Most americans, or the ones supporting Clinton DO NOT believe this. spread
    this video around. it vindicates what trump said..

  • Jeanne O’Mara

    It was an inside job

  • Jeanne O’Mara

    Where are the pics of these twin towers. This was a small group of people

  • Sue Jackson

    Thank you CBS. Honest reporting.

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