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EVA Airways Business Class 777 New York JFK To Taipei BR29

EVA Airways Business Class 777 New York JFK To Taipei BR29
Filmed on a Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 lens at 1080p60.
EVA Airways is the newest 5 star airline and it is well-deserved. Although their seat is not as beautiful as their competitor China Airlines, EVA’s business class incorporates many elements typically found in first class. Each course is plated individually like first class, and the champagne Krug is typically considered a first class champagne. I think EVA is the only airline I know of that offers pajamas in business class, and they are very high quality. EVA is for sure the only airline to offer Rimowa kits in business class. EVA also offers a seat cover for making the bed unlike Cathay Pacific or China Airlines.
The lounge was the only disappointment. After talking with the ground crew, I found out that EVA was late to the game and their Star Alliance partner Lufthansa did not have any more room in their lounge. EVA had to contract with Alitalia and Korean Air, and alternate using each lounge. This time we were only allowed in to the Alitalia lounge which was old, dimly lit, with no hot food besides cup noodles. EVA is apparently well aware of this but the only thing they could do since they don’t operate the lounge is to add more flavors of cup noodles…
However, the service onboard was true 5 star fashion. It was organized, detailed, and professional. We were immediately welcomed by the FA and purser, who took down our pre and post departure drink orders. We were given pajamas and the famous Rimowa amenity kit, which is an awesome memento.
The food onboard was superior to some of Cathay’s first class meals I had. For business class catering, EVA offers the opportunity to book exclusive meals online similar to Singapore’s Book the Cook. I decided to order the wok-fried lobster and noodles as my main course to see how it would compare to the ones I had on Singapore. I was not disappointed. It was juicy, fresh, and perfectly seasoned, and I really wished they gave me the full lobster instead of only one half. I also ordered the beef burger to see how it would compare to Cathay. Again, I would say it is pretty clear EVA business class catering beats Cathay business catering. The burger was delicious and came with a large amount of curly fries. The pesto ravioli with bacon was the best and most memorable western style “breakfast” I have had on a plane thus far. Throughout the video, I think it is clear that EVA also does a beautiful job of plating the meals.
Entertainment was the only area that was lacking onboard. It had a fair amount of new movies but not anything interesting in terms of documentaries or TV shows (no family guy or simpsons…). I used the wifi and managed to get some work done. The seat on EVA is like Cathay’s, but modified significantly. The thing I noticed the most about EVA’s seat is that the main console is slightly behind your head so it is easier to look/film out the window on EVA.
EVA business class can best be summed up as business class seat with first class service. It becomes clear why they removed first class. Not only can they can fit more seats per plane than ever before, but first class simply isn’t necessary given how good their business class is.

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  • Willamis Bezerra

    Fico incrível com essas Grandes Cia da Asia! Excelente filmagem Ótima Refeição e Ótimo Vídeo; gosto Sempre de Assistir !!

  • Vanthy Teang

    Love the foods and alcohol beverages

  • Lawrence Gabriel Bautista

    wow. they serve Krug Grande Cuvee which is normally served in First Class. Too bad their champagne selection is only on rotation and depends on route. One time they also served Krug Rose.

  • Paul B ‘KhunPaul’ – Travels & Aviation

    I am looking forward to fly on EVA the Royal Laurel (1st time) on TPE-SIN sit in 9 row window) on two months after the night flight from SEA (Eco class) On way back in mid-January sit on 6 row (window) Royal Laurel before night flight back to SEA (Eco class). Great video and delicious foods. Nice seat with two windows.

  • and1

    Great video!!! Do you remember what seat you were in?

  • knightsofshames

    How many carry on luggage can you bring on business class?

  • Bigwillystab Tab

    Ok the spinning plate thing is just stupid, achieves nothing,
    Time to but that to bed!

  • beau deng

    Love your report. Will fly EVA business from TPE to JFK in July. Looking forward to it!

  • Mikey Riley

    I can see why you liked Eva better than air China.

  • Dianne Williamson

    I flew EVA several times in the past, in premium economy on the 747s. The food was so bad, truly awful. I finally figured out to order Kosher meals, they were very nice. This is a whole new ball game and the food looks excellent. Great overview of the newer EVA product. BTW, Turkish Airlines does provide a quilted full bed cover in business class.

  • United Computers

    I was very impressed with your presentation of the food and beverage menus. This is an area mny viewers like to see and you have done it proud !

  • Sam Chu

    Yeah,the foreign airlines like Emirates, Singapore, China Air and Eva business class seats are better than the American airlines. American airlines seats are crampy and shitty. Why can’t the American airlines be like them?

  • way long

    It is suc…. in business class, Eva doesn’t have seats for couple …

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