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Deshaun Watson Rehab Keller Texas

deshaun watson tears acl

Deshaun Watson ACL And Back Rehab In Keller Texas

deshaun watson tears aclNew Jersey has plenty to complain about with Eli Manning performing like a lost soul. Odell is out for the season, and this Giants team looks as if they are ready for the 2017 season to be over. But I am not sure any team could be as disappointed as the Houston Texans and their loss of Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson was here to rescue the 2017 NFL season and the Texans fans. Texas has suffered a QB rout since Matt Schaub had his 5 year run with the team. Aaron Rodgers is out for the year with a broken bone. J.J. Watt is barely getting started, the Cardinals lost David Johnson for the season in week 1, and Eric Berry is sidelined with injuries. Heck, Andrew Luck hasn’t even taken a snap this season, and Julian Edelman’s injury appears to be so long ago that you would be forgiven for forgetting he even played ball anymore.

The NFL season is so full of ups and downs that it’s heartbreaking. We wait all year for camp and pre-season and then down they go. It seems that just as soon as someone jumps out and begins to have a breakout season they are plagued by injuries. Football is a high impact sport and injuries are a part of the game. Professional care and medical treatment at the highest levels are performed on these athletes to help rehabilitate them. The Houston Texans have spared no expense bringing in the best medical practitioners Texas has.

torn aclWhen Deshaun Watson tore his ACL, everyone felt as if they were struck in the nose by a 350-pound lineman. But the Texans wasted little time aiding him and preparing for a speedy recovery. From professional rehabilitation centers in Texas to assist with the recovery, to the best Chiropractor in Texas to help the back adjust while Deshaun navigates on crutches for the next few months. Nerves run from the lower back to the legs and these parts of the body are extremely dependent on each other. It’s important that while Deshaun recovers from his ACL injury, his back and posture are not affected by the rehabilitation process.

There is currently a shortage of star quarterbacks prepared to fill the void left when the golden era of golden boys retire (Brady, Rivers, Breese, Rodgers). However, Deshaun Watson appears ready to have the torch passed to him and challenge another Texas football team for greatness. The Cowboys are America’s team, and they are definitely Texas team. But the Houston Texans are going to give them a run for their money when Watson returns.

Texas just got done celebrating a historic World Series as the Astros claimed the title for the first time ever. They were ready for another star QB to make a name for himself like Dak Prescott did last year. But the Texans fans will have to wait another year before they can enjoy the success that is projected to be.

It’s interesting because Watson’s head coach at Clemson has compared him to Michael Jordan, also during half of a year, that did not look like an exaggeration. He was the first player in NFL history to throw four or more touchdowns in three individual games in the month of October and now he will not get to play in November. Just 1 quarterback in Texans history had thrown for more touchdowns in a year than Watson had in six starts. Watson currently holds the record for most passing touchdown passes from the first seven games of a profession with 19.

spine recovery treatmentThe Texans sit at 3-4, and now have to start Savage, therefore the Ravens, Broncos, Bengals, Jaguars, or Dolphins will probably grab the remaining AFC wild-card spot.

Watson will need to recover with the help of surgeons, rehab technicians, chiropractors, family, and friends.I can already hear the Texans beat writers reporting that he is expected to make a comeback in time for next year, however, the Texans needed him this year. He’s got a decade-plus career before him and will probably develop into a major NFL celebrity. However, his run as rookie phenom is finished. Get well Deshaun!

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