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Communication Convenience

internet based phone systems

NJ Businesses Leverage Hosted Phone Systems To Produce

The East Coast may be one of the most competitive plots of land in the world. San Jose has the sharks hockey team, Mexico has waters swimming with sharks, but there are no sharks more ruthless then those found in my hometown of New Jers and those found in NYC. So what these guys and gals are doing with modern technology is producing earnings reports that the Mad Men would have swooned over 50 yrs ago. So what are they doing that others are not??

Utilizing Available Technology

There are many businesses out there that appear savvy on the surface, but at the end of the day find themselves using outdated technologies to run day to day business. The advantage that the up coming generations have is that technology is as second nature as motor skills. It’s crazy, but I have witnessed it first hand as my kids grew and developed into young business owners. From social media to the use of video and media on the internet, they are 150 leagues above where I was at that age.

Finding A Telecommunications Solution That Works

internet based phone systemsIt’s really nothing new, it’s imperative that businesses answer calls, return calls, and provide customer support at a rate that the next business can’t. With this generation of kids that’s used to instant gratification and results (and participation trophy’s) you have to be available to accept calls, call back, conference, skype, text, intercom, transfer calls, post, tweet, and anything else I didn’t mention from the convenience of your cellular device. So how can a business or an individual accomplish something so advanced? Simple, internet based telecommunications solutions.

Virtual Phone Systems For Businesses

So now you have this generation of men and women that can freely roam this beautiful earth and conduct business as usual as if they were sitting in cubical C-6 throwing paper air planes across the office. Not only can they receive calls on their mobile phones, but they can be contacted via intercom and have calls transferred to them as if they were sitting in the office with the rest of the team. I’m sure anyone reading this is wondering how the heck this can be accomplished? It’s quite simple. There are many variations of VOIP (voice over internet protocol) that exist out there, and in addition to VOIP there are hosted PBX systems that offer similar features and provide conveniences that didn’t previously exist. A hosted business phone system is the most common way a business or an individual would go about accomplishing this.

The Time Is Now

With so many businesses converting their phone systems from the standard POTS lines to hosted servers it’s become very apparent that the hosted phone solution is the way of future communications. Actually, not even the way of future communications because it’s happening now!! Get with the times, or get lost!! That’s how fast this industry is moving.

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