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Business: Start-Up Electric Car Companies | The New York Times

Business: Start-Up Electric Car Companies | The New York Times
At the New York International Auto Show, small start-up companies are fighting for traction in the slowly emerging electric car market. Lawrence Ulrich reports.

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Business: Start-Up Electric Car Companies – NYTimes.com/

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  • frankodelic

    Good, but lots of electric car start-ups missing from this report… a hell of a lot!

  • BinkieMcFartnuggets

    They made that car too close to the ground, all you need is one Grand Cherokee to cross into your lane without seeing you and you’re a pancake.

  • dvid22

    did gm not already recreate the electric car and then crush it so this guy is doing what exactly

  • Christopher Honeywell

    if people start plugging in their cars wont there be a higher demand for electricity resulting in more coal/gas and etc being used

  • staphinfection


    The whole point of having an electric car is to SAVE GAS MONEY! (and save Earth, but nobody gives a fuck about the planet we live on)

    If only the rich can afford these cars, then 99.99% of all car owners are still going to drive gas chugging cars. Fucking morons…

    You offer me an electric car that I can buy for under $10,000 that doesn’t look like a piece of shit, and can go atleast 25 miles on a charge, and I’m sold.

  • bcbxii chasen

    UMMMMMM……. the tesla roadster. Problem solved.

  • psumiz

    electric car aren’t green

  • Calvin Wagner

    the big 3 won’t do it cuz they’re in bed with the oil companies.

  • dong won

    they are so expensive because they are not popular. If people would start buying them, maybe we will start seeing price drops

  • frankodelic

    they are if you get your electricity from renewable sources.

  • RedJoker

    I would immediately buy a electric car. Eletric engines are much better than combustion engines.
    Electric engines offer a much better speedup, they are faster, more quiet and they have a much better efficiency.
    The only problem is the thing with the batteries ….

  • jasonlajoie

    I don’t see many paying, basically double, for a new car conversion. Electric cars are my favorite of all ideas on the table, but only if the energy is coming from a wind or solar farm, or a tidal generator, or any other kind of non-polluting electrical power plants. Where I live we have hydro power from the dams around us, but if we were burning coal for electricity I’d say we’d have to change that before going to electric cars. Without clean forms of electricity there is no point whatsoever.

  • OtherVerse

    According to 2007 statistics from the Energy Information Administration, 48.5% of U.S.electric power industry net generation came from COAL. Yes — COAL!

    Electric cars on today’s roads will have the perverse effect of increasing the mining and burning of coal (in addition to straining the power grid).

    There’s no way around it: there must be COORDINATION of electric car research AND bold new energy policies.
    But where the fuck will we find enough politicians with a backbone and a vision?

  • eurogoldexchange

    Big money investment, high tech tools and engineers? BS, any commercial product only needs BUYERS!!


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    One forms shape efficient insurance and of the body, eliminating fats, celulite, estrias, culote, flacidez, papadas and other esthetic deformations of its organism.

  • momsgoodies

    haha yeah for now. we’re talking about the Long Run here.

  • P Burg

    What if there came about a standard electric modular design, with optional gasoline generator, similar to the early IBM compatible computers, so each component was interchangable with three manufacturers? Might that help the electric car market?

  • chrisjie

    Terrible. Electric cars are not the future. Hydrogen is. I hope Honda saves the world.

    Can you imagine millions of people driving around having to recharge every 150 miles? Not to mention all the emissions it creates.

  • lillalysmasken3

    Lol, you do know that cars that run on hydrogen is an electric car right, just a fuel cell instead of a battery.

  • Skott62

    No matter how great the technology or the product in the end it all comes down to price (cost) because unless you can get these new technology vehicles down to at least the $20k range the average little guy wont be able to buy it. They have to get the unit cost down or its all for naught. I wish them much luck though. I hope it happens!

  • Shakaama

    there are at least 2 companies off the top of my head that are electric and priced at 25k

  • yakyakyak69

    Cost is the bottom line for general acceptance and $25K is the high end “sweet spot”.

  • robrown1

    Raise capital and negotiate secondary trading of equity and debt on UnifiedMarkets.

  • Thomas Nguyen

    How to start up an electric car company.

    1. Buy an electric/magnetic motor from Barack Obama.

    2. Buy Lithium Battery pack from factory in China.

    3. Buy an electric generator from GE.

  • Charles McCune

    I want one but I’m going to be workonig on building my own. cant wait I dont want to be paying the hight gass prices this summer.

  • VideoAds4almostfree

    Thank you, interesting information!

  • Jesenia Hernandez

    So this is the auto show in 22222000099

  • kl opecx

    4:15 a network can do this, it is a joke…we have all capabilities for mass production

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