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Business Class New York To Bangkok On Qatar Airways – Review (HD)

Business Class New York To Bangkok On Qatar Airways – Review (HD)
I flew from New York to Bangkok on the best airline in the world; Qatar Airways. Months early, we found and booked our flights (very cheap flights, 0 dollars round trip) and was offered a discount on one way upgrades to business class. This was probably a once in a lifetime experience for me. The first part of the trip was on a A350-900.

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Channel theme music by Ron Anderson.


Mylungpuppy is the channel of musician Ron Anderson.

I have been making avant-music for over forty years in a number of different projects; PAK, The Molecules, RonRuins, numerous collaborations and solo. I combine composition and improvisation exploring the regions where they intersect. Sometimes my music is brutal, but I’m not afraid of melody, in general my work is pretty much “out there”.

The main focus of my channel is music, but I also make vlogs on various subjects, cycling, touring and traveling, vegan food, rare vinyl LPs, audio field recordings, etc. Because not everyone is going to be interested in all the subjects covered on this channel, I have made playlists so you do not have to search through videos to find what you are looking for.

I try to answer questions and respond to as many comments as I can, any and all feedback from you is welcome.
I’m trying to make at least one or two new videos a week.

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  • musicoliver7

    Nice!!!! Enjoyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • Ben Costello

    Thanks for sharing Ron. Really enjoyed this did u get much kip on the plane? I never sleep at all on them no matter how long the flight lasts. Well done to Emily on the upgrade

  • My Analog Corner

    Looks like your vacation began the minute you stepped into the plane :).. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to some vlogs from your trip.

  • Gregory Short (popcrackle.com)

    Holy cow! I’ve never seen anything like that, even in movies. So glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to that bike ride vid now…

  • Gorvo31

    Hey Ron, Looks like the lap of luxury to be sure, very Flash Gordon/Starship Enterprise on there. How neat…the ‘Plane’s eye’ view! -Carm

  • The Aural Retentive

    The flight back is going to feel like a kick in the crotch after that pampering. Lol. Looked amazing to say the least. Safe travels for you both!

  • Aayush Bajoria

    Which plane is that?

  • Vistamister

    Nice experience to savor. Your ‘amenity kit” probably had some kind of moisturizing lotion. I guess that was a Boeing-777.

  • Bob KLR

    my balls are itchy.

  • dave helsnskksksls

    I flew with many different airlines ( thai,cathy pazifik,british,air new zeeland)and i think emirates is the best Airline…

  • unarmed13

    Hello, may I ask what kind of equipment you are using to record audio for your flight?

    Also, great review, thanks for sharing!

  • lpcsteven

    welcome to business class. Qatar is okay. there are better business class airlines around.

  • Hey Stay out of my Channel

    Why Do so Many people dislike the video?

  • Ahmed Raza

    700 usd even for a economy round trip is pretty cheap from new york

  • Hani Baba

    the man is looks a like patato….am i wrong?

  • Alexander Webster

    it is so annyoing why you hold that mic up

  • Maher Bekdash


  • dumbconscript

    arab airlines are trash. they win all kinds of crap awards only because their filthy rich arab owners can throw tonnes of money into making a great airline from scratch. nothing is locally designed. arab airlines are made with western talent and oil money. even the flight stewardesses are white LOL

  • Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston}

    There is a line that Lennon wrote in the song that always replays in my head when I see a video like this. “Looking through the bent backed tulips, to see how the other half live”. He was referring to the opposite side of the tulip pedals and the people who were eating at the expensive restaurant. Hence “see how the other half lives”. So when I see how amazing the business class is on the plane I think of those words. That is fantastic. All the extras that they offer you makes it well worth it. Where they catering to vegans and vegetarians as well? Now that would have been a grand slam.
    Love the takeoff screen. I know that you are back in NY now so I hope you had a great New Years. Nothing but the best for you in 2017 Ronco. Oh, how did I not see this video earlier?

  • Fee Go

    Last minute flight deals on http://www.feego.co.uk

  • Gerrit Roon Jnr

    OOOH your one of those dicks that complains about kids on a plane!! LOL. this is why your in business and not first with me LOL

  • Ian Rawson

    Really enjoyed this, [closest i will get] thanks. most interesting.

  • JET997u

    The “other half” flies private, not commercial in any class. And people are not looking at you wondering who you are. Ha!

  • waqar khan

    which plane is it please tell me

  • Fixed Gear Topher

    that’s awesome, really neat how you can watch the plane land real time like that

  • Travis Robert

    Good info, but you should give yourself less face time. You’re not all that handsome. Besides, you always look like your a mixture of bored, disgusted, and exhausted. Work on it.

  • Carolyn Bouley

    Your boring

  • Adam Forrester

    Once u flown business u,ll never want to fly economy again trust me. 😐

  • Keshia Dolce

    I love how excited and humble you are about being in business class! Most reviews I’ve watched they act like business class is for peasants lol

  • Julio Blazquez Jr

    Congratulations, such a memorable expressive video. Yes Qatar is one of the best. I have to agree with another person who wrote a comment , your humbleness it’s contagious, now a day everyone takes this things for granted. Not everyone it’s that lucky. Cheers mate.

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