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British Airways 747 BUSINESS CLASS (Club World) London To New York|Boeing 747-400

British Airways 747 BUSINESS CLASS (Club World) London To New York|Boeing 747-400
British Airways Business Class Club World
Flying Business class on a British Airways Boeing 747 from London to New York Club World

British Airways Business Class Review Boeing 747
This is a a full trip report flying British Airways from London to New York featuring their lunch time service and British Airways Afternoon tea. We had a fantastic flight with great cabin crew.

Boeing 747 Business Class Club World
Speedbird 747-400 Queen of the skies

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British Airways Flight 113
Depart : London (LHR)
Arrive : New York (JFK)
Departure time : 11:20am (Actual 11:41am)
Arrival Time : 2:04pm (Actual 2:02pm)
Boeing 747-400
Seat : 14A
Flight Time 7h 21m
Meal Service : Lunch & Afternoon Tea

British Airways 747 Business Class Full trip report
Club World Business Class Boeing 747

British Airways London to New York Business Class

For more information visit

Or for a Full Trip report on this flight please click the link below

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  • Show Comments (37)

  • Sam Obeng


  • global.001

    Thanks for posting. It’s great to see the differences between airlines & classes. I’ve never seen upstairs.

  • Island728

    enjoyed the video but seat design…. what are they thinking LOL rear facing seats?!

  • sfflyer123

    This looks like a great product! I hope to fly this one day. It’s hard since I am always star alliance, but perhaps one day, I will fly BA

  • HeavyPlanes ™

    Nice Video! Can you tell me whether every Club World seat was full? 🙂 Or were there almost some seats left?

  • Kevin McGuire

    Flew round trip from NYC to LHR on a holiday one year. They had just stared introducing the new club world, but not all planes yet. Ended up flying from EWR to LHR in in the old club world, then LHR to JFK in the new club world on a 747, upper deck. much more up there than on the main deck. made it a very pleasant experience. On the down side, coming back from holiday into JFK is not fun – I live in Jersey just across from NYC so flying in/out of LGA or JFK felt like a major chore. would love to try their 1st class some time.

  • anonymous person

    do business class passengers get the afternoon tea?

  • Neel Chopra

    I sat in the exact same seat, Great video!

  • Steve Kioussis

    Booze it up!

  • Camille Fitzpatrick

    I love business class on British airways

  • Peter Yeong

    Ba BIZ class Such a good product. Why ruin it by asking your punters who wants a window seat to fly BACKWARDS ?

  • Iain Sloan

    having heard the noise… I thought.. Yes.. the noise cancelling headphones will be required.. 🙂 Great vids my friend.

  • Gekurous

    Är du svensK!?!?

  • zombiesingularity

    Funny thing about the price of a first class ticket on most international airlines, you get 13 hours on a luxurious airline. Same price gets you a week in a luxurious 4 star hotel suite.

  • Funzo Kidz

    Park Hyatt looked pretty sexy!

  • Oliver B

    0:26 that’s the length of the BUSINESS check in line? what the hell?!

  • Rory Clark Aviation

    Where are gates 49-51?

  • Red Pill Rage

    I just flew in CW (LHR-JFK; seat 63K), and I didn’t really like it that much. While the seat itself is cushy and comfortable, having to stare at the passenger across from you when the privacy screen is down is very awkward.
    It’s also awkward when the FA has to hand you your food and drink from uncomfortable angles (over the privacy screen, from behind, etc.). This is a clear indication that this cabin’s design is flawed. BA should revamp it.

  • Pericles Marakas

    B747 is the ultimate aircraft,more so than the A380.And British Airways Club World,offers understated luxury service,as it should be.
    London Heathrow to John F Kennedy a favorite flight😎

  • John Smith

    Waste of money for just 6 hours.

  • Weird 1

    im going on this plane to nyc on buisness class

  • David Key

    hotel in NY looked very nice

  • Cecilia Amartey


  • Ishay Bar-Yosef

    Comparing to other airlines, seat just sucks.

  • King MfCh

    Woah I was in the same lounge as he/she was in

  • jonescrusher1

    A Bounty as a pre-starter? wtf?!

  • Andrew Howell

    Beautifully shot video – thank you! I find BA’s product now dated and grubby. The lounges in Heathrow T5 are down-at-heel and the food is awful – the sort of catering you can expect at a Blackpool seaside hotel company sales weekend. I ended up getting a free drink and getting some decent food at Gordon Ramsey’s. I also found the cabin to be old and tired, and the trollies not covered and scuffed on the edges. The way BA present their food is dreadful. Those cakes just plonked on to the plate, no finesse, no elegance. It’s a metaphor for what the UK is becoming!

  • ivilb

    Most of the video shows view outside, i dont think outside view is different in business class compared to economy 😀

  • x S p e c t e r

    That transition from toilet seat to the dinner plate 😂

  • matthew mc

    I love BA’s club world and nice vid to

  • Sarinf Serg

    I honestly don’t think I’d fly BA in business class because of the seating arrangement !

  • Harry Bradford

    BA has the worst business class product in the industry. It’s very outdated for a company that was the leader in airline luxury

  • michelin inflight

    This is ,i think , the worst bussiness class cabin design.the design gives me a ‘hospital’ vibe.very sterile and not welcoming

  • Nick Dolby

    Great Video. Interesting to see what BA Business looks like.

  • Anthony Lloyd

    How was the tandoori chicken?

  • leonandstefu

    Worst business class of the One World Alliance. The seat configuration is crap.

  • AintThat SomeShit

    Not the ideal business class flight product – really bad

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