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Air China Business Class Beijing To New York CA989

Air China Business Class Beijing To New York CA989
A pleasant flight with Air China in business class. The service and catering were good though definitely not as polished. The FAs were all friendly and eager to help. The food was surprisingly good. The steak and lobster were flavorful and actually juicy not dry. The pre-arrival meal of beef noodles and seafood salad was also tasty and generously portioned. However there are parts of the service that were unusual such as the rich sweet chocolate ice cream as a “palate cleanser” before the start of the meal service. The bar was also barely stocked during the flight. Overall, similar to my prior experience, the flight was good but it was clear that the product is not as polished as it could be.

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  • Brendan Berkhout’s Travel Videos

    Awesome report as always Asia Travels!
    Looks like you had a nice flight with CA. That “palate cleanser” is interesting for sure haha! Was the noodle soup the only second meal during this flight? Doesn’t seem like all to much.

    Thanks as always for sharing!


  • Fly Around

    Thank you for this special and really detailed trip report. Also congrats on surpassing 10.000 Subscribers 🙂

  • One World Flyer

    Lovely video! The meals onboard look really good!

  • Justin Dart

    I would put ANA up there pretty high for Asian airlines.

  • amc3

    What a fantastic video, I love the 777, especially the wing flex on departure and the engine noise. Have to agree that for Business Class, Air China don’t have the polished product that most other carriers offer.

  • Uranus Uranus

    I flew air China from London to Beijing and I can honestly say that it was like flying in a cage
    The staff/cabin crew weren’t friendly or helpful they really made you feel like it was a communist airline where everyone got the same and were treated the same

  • Yan Lee

    I find Cathay cabins old and need a good revamp…

  • Michael Jin

    2:40 yo i had the same meal the western main course from la to pek

  • Setsuna

    1:18 While the A300 is quite rare nowadays, it’s still far from a few left
    There’s still 217 airframes that are active, not including stored ones

  • Diane Crowder

    Excellent review keep up the good work.Air China sort of up their game a little in certain areas, still improvement is needed since the last time I flew with them in 2005 out of JFK airport!😎

  • GalaxyMaster 101

    Hainans 777 is the best business class. It’s basically like etihads

  • Business Traveler

    Good news for who travel to china, today china government decided people can use phone on the plane

  • K 711

    Actually CA has achieved huge improvements years. Generally speaking, this J cabin is not that charming but not horrible thought, especially considering American carriers’ product. I don’t value United, Delta over CA by any means.

  • 212 Kyte

    seems very nice. that steak was quality. and the bowl of noodle yum!

  • John Horton

    Really still enjoying your reviews. please keep them coming ! I noticed you now have 10k subs, and deservedly so. thanks !

  • Christopher Mouradian

    What is CI?

  • Willamis Bezerra

    Lindo Jato e Excelente Vídeo! Gostei do Serviço de Bordo Parabéns..

  • 许你魏来风雨同洲

    Emm, Air China- Skytrax 3 star, EVA – 5 star. only reason I fly CA is because their ffp, they have the lifetime platinum level.

  • dd gg

    I was going to book this but now I will never fly with air china

  • Terry Offord

    Excellent Video,great shots, and I am surprised at AIr China, quite up to date, the food too looked interesting and Oh boy, REAL Chinese food, not the rubbish that’s sold in so called Chinese restaurants in European countries.Nice video although the subtitles are too fast, especially the longer ones which vanish before they are read thru. a small point but worthy of a little more consideration.

  • ken khan

    I am flying with China Air soon and very scare with the review from other people who flew from this Airline.

  • Hong Nguyen

    Great videos we hope more videos of any airline from China Toronto please,Thanks

  • Bernard-Marie Mendes France

    EVA Air has an exceptional advancement for it’s Frequent Flyer Mileage Accrual Programme. Divesting from .CA would certainly enhance [options] later, flying within it’s own set of airline partners between the US and mainland China by example.

  • Илья Казмерчук-Беломытцев

    Your videos are superb and gorgeous! Thank You for your work!

  • Cool kid231

    the spool up sound if fking awesome!!!

  • James Co London

    Just FYI – EVA is NOT a Chinese airlines, but Taiwanese. They’re top notch, altho I would say ANA is still #1 (IMO). Just hope folks here know there IS a difference. #TaiwanPride

  • Notts boy24

    Nice video & great report 🙂

  • steve boy

    why does the air china speaker recorder voice sound like an australian or new zealand accent

  • Edd James

    Next year I will be flying to Taiwan and have been looking at the Air China Business class, but I have flown with Emirates​ before and I can have a premium economy with a business class flight back with them! A little choice for myself!

  • Anthony cunningham

    Shame you didnt show more of the flat bed. This is what most people would have come here to view.

  • Anthony cunningham

    Maybe you can tell us. Were they flatbeds?

  • ran dy mcneese

    EVA beats CA hands down in J class … I can’t stand 2x2x2 j class on a 15 hour flight….. Won’t do it.

  • whojang2000

    Far better than I expected

  • Bushangels

    EVA is the best trans Pacific airline? Far from that.

  • Mikey Riley

    Everything looked better than I expected, you are a tough critic!

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