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Walking and Texting Could Get You Jail Time in New Jersey – IGN News

Walking and Texting Could Get You Jail Time in New Jersey – IGN News
Walking while texting in New Jersey could soon get you sent to jail.

Read more here:

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  • Show Comments (31)

  • Trulstei

    Not sure if this is positive or negative

  • Jim Kemp

    is jay walking actually taken seriously, like can you get fined or the spot or arrested?, (i live in england so have no clue)

  • RZI Extras

    There goes some more of our freedoms, thank god I don’t live in New Jersey

  • Kyoto_ Stryder

    Lucky me in the dumb state I live in we barely have sidewalks to begin with

  • TheKHFan2000

    and now i’m going to pack up my stuff (this is f*cking stupid)

  • Squeegee

    Freedom! Am I right guys? Guys?

  • Memester

    I’m in jersey, and it’s not as bad as it sounds here

  • Thundertube

    Lol thumbnail shows the Amazon Fire Phone. I’m probably the only person in the world that uses that phone.

  • TheRadikalGamer

    oh wow! thanks new jersey for giving me another reason to leave!

  • Dan Garwood

    LMAO yea we live in a free country all right

  • USMC03

    any way they can take money from the public

  • Jack Spencer

    I have to go to the DMP (department of moving people) , failed my walking test ?

  • thehitman56

    New Jersey. Infamous for not letting it’s people pump their own gas because they think you’re too stupid to do it yourself is now calling you too stupid to walk down the street while using your phone.

  • Corey Randall

    next is going to be no eating and walking. you might choke on your hot pocket.

  • KING

    I’m moving

  • Don Corleone

    Existing can land you jail time in usa. “land of the free”. rofl

  • Hoss Delgado

    ya I feel sending people to prison with rapists and murderers for to weeks for texting.

  • agmgets Production

    this is why new gen dont go outside

  • Nathan Mills

    Muh authoritarian

  • Marauder Shields

    Well… It IS New Jersey.

  • Lance Rawr

    FINALLY ur hair has been busted for a while. rep yourself. dont give up

  • Dodger Laker

    Make a law against selfies now

  • ZeFranko

    Land of the free…. lolwut…

  • Sleepnow

    US what up with your law, if you want more cash just legalize it (weed) and use that money for education maybe then you’ll get smart and bonus your jail won’t be full of petty crime

  • うずまき ナルト (Naruto Uzumaki)


  • Muscle and Nerds

    this law is stupid. how about you come down on their car insurance companies in New Jersey to lower car insurance rates that is a better use of money tax money

  • starwarsfanboy101

    ah America the land of the free ???

  • Savage Bean

    if you really wanna text so bad just stand where you are. Boom no jail or fine

  • Tyree Collins

    That doesn’t make no damn since. I’ll be ignoring the police & took off running

  • Ghost Emblem

    Wait, you can get 2 weeks in jail for j walking? pls tell me thats just in new jerssey

  • Joe Donavin

    at least we still don’t have to pump our own gas….yaaaaaay new jersey…..

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