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Virginia, New Jersey Race Results A Warning For Republicans?

Virginia, New Jersey Race Results A Warning For Republicans?
Democrats rode to victory in two hotly contested gubernatorial elections, as Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia and Phil Murphy beat Republican Kim Guadagno in New Jersey; insight from Jake Sherman, senior writer for Politico.

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  • Grateful Zimm

    What message are they trying to send? Virginia and New Jersey are hugely liberal blue states that Trump lost this past election, why does it even matter?? That’s like democratic candidates for governors winning New York or California and saying that it’s a big “Fuck you!” to Trump, again two blue states that he also this recent election. Look at the facts!

  • The Truth

    Watch out for the blue tsunami next year. If the Majority of people vote, democrats and independents win.

  • The D A N

    Not really a warning. New Jersey was almost certain to flip to the blue column, and Virginia was leaning in that direction. Virginia’s incumbent governor is a Democrat and Virginia usually votes against the President’s party in gubernatorial elections.

  • CanMan1000

    I wonder how many illegals voted?

  • Judith Osorio

    Americans want affordable Healthcare and access to good education. So easy.

  • Mr. G

    24/7 Fake News is producing early results unfortunately. Makes it a lot easier to win when the Democratic Party has all the network news channels and print media as DNC campaigners. Kinda glad Putin tried to level the playing field for last years POTUS.

  • D E

    Virginia State House before- 66 Repubs and 34 Dems. Now- 49 Dems and 47 Republicans with 4 seats still too close to call.
    Going from holding two thirds of the seats to not even being the majority party- That’s a slaughter

  • Robert Glidewell

    It’s a good thing the dems won… they have something else to talk about other than gun control since their lies and false narratives are falling apart

  • Nobody Goody

    No warning, Republicans stand strong, democrates only have lieing Hillary who lost the most important election to be President, Now all Hillary has is big mouth, Hillary got Dems turning against her, Hillary big Fool.
    Billy boy clinton first President to be impeached for sexual pervert.Now we laugh, clintons Criminals of Corruption, Hillary lost democrates want Hillary to run again we’ll be beating again.

  • Kiki Stu

    They should reverify the votes. Seriously. The polls…. they only asked Dems I’m sure.

  • Patriot Pride

    Yep. Pretty much. The tide has turned. Maybe if Trump didn’t turn out to be such a nut job.. His endorsement is the kiss id death now.

  • Rodney Maynor

    Virginian was for Hillary Clinton. I am a Virginian and I voted for President Donald Trump and all Hillary Clinton lover’s can kiss my ass. In my book and MILLIONS other’s book President DONALD J TRUMP is the BEST President sence Ronald Reagan. I am not Democrat and I am not Republican. I am a man of commen sence who are tierd of people sucking the ass off AMERICA. From the hard working men and women. I DON’T mind a man or woman getting disability if they worked long enough to get that disability. And I am NOT against a person that was born with a disability to were they can not work. Butwhat I am against is a man or woman that has never worked and there are drug addicts and alcoholics and they are able to get disability and shoot up my money your money and drink my money and your money we work so hard to get at retirement age. Fuck that. It is not right to let drug addicts and drunks to suck off the American ass’s. And feed them of the food stamps that they get mouth after month for year’s. That’s what’s wrong with the system today. Fucking generation after generation raised off welfare and I’m dam well sick of it. Get a fucking job. I don’t give a fuck ifa lazy mother fucker that wants to live off the government and welfare for life. This shit President Donald Trump will fix. Mark my word’s. Fun FACT. LMAO.

  • 56deedles

    oh bull shit, we aren’t worried

  • Gary Hudson Blue

    The vagaries of the Democratic Party are beyond our understanding.

  • Donna Keizer

    Like they said Hillary would win.♥️

  • wiserbud

    Brainwashed people voting for demoncrats. Hillary is proof

  • paulie dee

    Are these people idiots. Both Virginia and New Jersey are heavily democratic states.Gillespie is a RINO. The favorites one the race. Big deal! They were expected to win. I guess they don’t have anything to really talk about. Talk radio does the same thing. They try to make up a controversy or not get to the bottom of one … to keep the conversation going … and going … and going ……

  • Maria Trejo

    YEAH RIGHT!!!!

  • StoneThug Music


  • wiserbud

    Democrat of today is an uneducated idiot

  • Salty Admiral

    I love how Trump fans try to brush this aside as nothing, when even Trump personal state run news channel is worried. Yeah, keep Ostriching, guys! 😉

  • Orion E

    I’d say both parties are headed for a civil war. The D’s are split between the Clinton/Obama (Centrist to Centre left) types on one hand, and the Bernie types (Democratic Socialists) on the other. The GOP is fractured into three parts regarding Trump, probably a 1/4 are True-blue Trump supporters,1/4 disapprove of him and want to go back to true conservatism and small government, and the remaining 1/2 are tolerating him because of the opportunity of an R presidency as well as GOP dominance in the legislature i.e. tax cuts, Gorsuch, etc. Time will tell how both parties will deal with it, and for their sakes they better get their shit sorted by 2018.

  • Airik Luna

    Democrats, Grab them by the Virginia! LMAO.

  • Chaulk Line

    They won blue states packed with liberals, duh! What did they expect.

  • Chaulk Line

    33 republican governors versus 16 democrat. The left has a long way to go.

  • Robert Pirlot

    It’s a good feeling to see America coming back from the mistake in the White House.

  • dvferyance

    I don’t know what the big deal is about Henrico County. It voted for both Hillary and Obama it is not a solid Republican county Perhaps years ago it was but it has been voting Democrat more recently.

  • IBlewUponYourFace

    Murphy sucks…New Jersey is fucked

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