New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ‘This Week’ Interview

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ‘This Week’ Interview
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on his election win and his political future.

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  • Zac C

    I typically lean left but I like Christie

  • Paul Janney

    I can see it now just like 2012 two candidates with only differences on wedge issues but the same on the things that matter… God help us

  • viperstrikes38

    I hope Christie runs for 2016 presidential election. He’d probably be better than Obama

  • DonutWarLord

    Fat boy

  • Ralf Hyde

    He would make such a great president

  • Barney Fyfe

    Hilary Clinton will be our next President hands down!!!!!

  • constantrvlr

    Christie is their only shot….Who else will they throw up there? Ted Cruz? He won’t get the moderates or the Latino vote. Minorities love the Clintons….I guess the seat has just been handed to Hillary.

  • deretreivels44

    christie is a disgrace to the office and should resign.  

  • MrZapi02

    So if using you influence to shut down a bridge is a crime and impeachable. Shutting down the government should also be a crime and impeachable..

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