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Training At Tucson Gym

mixed martial artist

New Jersey MMA Fighter Trains At Tucson Gym

mixed martial artistAccording to My Central Jersey┬áthere are some incredible fighters coming out of New Jersey, and New York. From Jon Jones to Matt Serra, the East Coast is stacked with MMA competitions and world class fighters. There is something about the area that breeds bad asses and we like the crowd that comes out of there. With plenty of punching power and attitude, these fighters are favorites of ours. But this isn’t about the already famous fighters fighting out of those states, this is about a young fighter named Zen Morrison who has traveled from New Jersey to Arizona to train at the Boxing Inc gym in Tucson. Zen is an up and coming elite fighter that has a chin made of stone, he has quick hands and is not afraid of anything. His camp will extend beyond the summer of 2018, leaving him to train in the extreme temperatures of the Arizona desert. As hot as it may be he is ready for the challenge. When asked why he traveled to Tucson to train for his fight he had this to say: “Well, I have family there and it was an easy decision. They offer Crossfit, Jiujitsu, May Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and they have the personal trainers I will need to get into competition shape. The team is well versed in MMA and boxing and I thought it might be the perfect match. I had the option of training at an MMA Gym in Tempe but opted out of signing up because I didn’t have a place to stay in Tempe.”

Tucson offers more than just a training facility for Zen, it offers and environment of family and friends that he couldn’t get anywhere else. He has aunts, uncles, and siblings in the area. His mother and father reside out of state. Zen has a passion for boxing and wanted to pursue boxing in his youth until he watched his first UFC fight with his dad. From that point on he knew he wanted to have a mixed martial arts background that included boxing, jiujitsu, wrestling, and karate. His intense training regimen will have him gaining 10 pounds of lean muscle prior to weigh-ins in August. There are many boxing and MMA events taking place in 2018. It would be worth your time to check out the cards on these fights to see local competitors compete for division belts. And if you are lucky, you may see New Jersey Native Zen Morrison in the Octagon.


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