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Teresa Giudice Regrets Doing The ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Teresa Giudice Regrets Doing The ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’
The reality TV star also says that she still holds anger toward her husband for her prison sentence.

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  • Glenda Baugh-Johnson

    She should be angry at her husband. Nice to see that she has gotten wise. I wonder if she’s going to divorce him after he gets out of jail

  • Purplemetall007

    She should’ve been just as responsible for her finances. Women must always pay attention and earn their own money no matter how much it is. stop relying on men!!

  • Pennie Rose

    She said they didn’t punish her they punished her children. Wow no you punished your children for what you did.. never take responsibility.

  • Σάρα Ιωάννης

    She still finds it near impossible to say the word prison when talking about herself

  • Crystal Boddie

    Her and her husband punished their children not the system.

  • Darkwaveduck

    It’s hitting her. Yes, you make lots of money off television, but at the cost of your family in crisis?

  • Freddy Medina

    Thanks to the real housewives she was able to pay her restitution so she should be thankful

  • nybsbfan18

    she should be punished. b/c she signed the papers. she shouldn’t have asked questions. she should have asked her lawyers and joe, so she went to prison. take responsibility for signing them…!

  • Robert Shepherd

    But she has just filmed season 8?!?!?!?

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