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Station Relocation

broadcast station in NJ

We Are Relocating Our Broadcast Station In New Jersey

broadcast station in NJ2018 is full of exciting things and moving one of the network stations into a new facility is on the priority list. Management made the decision in the 4th quarter of 2017 that we would be moving the production studio into a warehouse that is capable of handling all of our local broadcast needs here in New Jersey. The move will include an upgrade in the broadcast equipment for both the live room and for post production. The vintage equipment currently being used in the old facility will be moved by a moving company in Kearny NJ. The old mixing board and vintage outboard gear will be setup in an intern room for new trainees. The new broadcast rooms will have digital mixing boards and a live Pro Tools recording platform. The new warehouse is said to be 6500 square feet and boasts a full green screen production suite that they are having built by a custom contractor in NJ. The timeline for completion looks to be early 2018 if they can maintain their course of schedule. Local broadcast channels are loosing ad revenue due to streaming networks capturing the majority of online viewers. Less and less Americans are tuning into the nightly news and instead are getting their dose of news from social feeds and news websites. Therefore a big part of the 2018 streaming plan will include an active Youtube and Vimeo channel for the web broadcast sector of the company. Our streaming network will also be improving with the addition of streaming servers and fiber optic internet connections throughout New Jersey. More New Jersey residence are upgrading their internet services to high speed bundles that are allowing multiple devices in the home to stream simultaneously. Because of this we are able to reach a broader audience through these social channels and will be making that an area of focus in 2018 an on. Local New Jersey news and sports will be the first segments to launch in full prior to baseball’s spring training in March when the New York Yankees will take to the field to practice before the season opener in April. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel to get more live social activity delivered to your desktop and mobile devices.

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