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Sen. Scutari Unveils Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In NJ

Sen. Scutari Unveils Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In NJ
Sen. Nick Scutari unveiled a 60-page bill to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use in New Jersey, saying the state spends 7 million a year on enforcement efforts that don’t work.

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  • Show Comments (25)

  • Brian Foster

    Shut up fat Christie. Marijuana never killed anyone, and can create jobs.

  • Robert Phillips

    fuck you you fat fuck $ stealing piece of shit what good did he do nothing

  • Ganja Farmer

    let’s go NJ!!! fuck christie

  • Bibby Stromain

    HELL YEAH BABY!!!!!!!

  • Chill Waze

    Christie is Gone in November!

  • Just living Life inc.

    Yeaaaaaaa finally fuck Christie

  • Austin Robertson

    Dear Chris Christie,

    Please die of diabetes soon,



  • icyrax314

    where do i vote?

  • Dennis Gaffney

    Without home grow it’s not legal

  • Migueloooche

    Fuck Christie! He’s talking about weed being addictive and a gateway drug, yet he’s super dependent on those donuts and Big Macs… Give me a fucking break!

  • Dj Rickey Ricardo

    Yes go Scrutari!!!

  • Jude Conig

    We all know the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. We could have made Atlantic City the Cannabis capital of the world! Billions and Billions in revenue. I swear – Gov FAT ROMNEY has an IQ between idiot and imbecile.

  • Creative Life

    18+ fuck 21+

  • Creative Life

    he reminds me of king of the Jews from the bible series Chris Christie the fake king of jews fat fuck

  • symphony no. 9

    Just free The Sacred Plant Marijuana ?already and stop infringing on people’s rights.

  • Sheri Benjegerdes

    if we outlaw marijuana, im not an alcohol drinker, we must outlaw alcohol

  • Rich Brescher

    it’s funny….i think it kind of hypocritical for a man that has an eating problem to criticize people that have an addiction. I can wait this year Vote Ryan Murphy he’ll legalize it, Kim Guadagno talking about lower taxes she doesn’t want to legalize weed she was on Chris Christie team

  • Young Reefer

    Is Christie on fucking drugs? He just called something medically used in his state POISON IS HE AUTISIC? DOES HE THINK WE ARE INCOMPETENT MONKEYS?? Legalize heroin it’s already in the pharmacies you shmuck stop playing games Christie will die off surprised no one in our time has the balls to pop off on someone this ignorant and a battle in our system.

  • prod. by Jkushoutalean

    i support this to the fullest extent our state has had enough of this fool !!!!

  • Constitution Supporter

    It is disgusting that a whale of a human being that could have a massive heart attack at anytime tries to tell other people what they should do for their health. Drop dead fat pig.

  • Jimmy Sannhetsverd

    christie is taking jobs away from nj natives & has the gall to compare marijuana to heroin, please for the love of God impeach christie & legalize Marijuana

  • Jimmy Sannhetsverd

    Thank God chris christie is having to step down, every one is sick of that texan fat sausage

  • M Allen

    What the hell is taking so long to legalize something that grows natural if y’all would stop slandering the name of marijuana before you ever run a test. You would be seeing the benefits of it instead of people having dying of cancer every day Legalize It North Carolina.

  • ExtrovertedSmirkTM

    I don’t drink alcohol anymore, the best alternative to recreational drugs is marijuana because it opens up your mind and doesn’t gives liver disease.

  • whosVariations

    All I need is Mary, I ain’t fuckin with no other drug

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