Russian Spy Plane Flies Over Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club

Russian Spy Plane Flies Over Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club
Flight approved under long-standing Open Skies Treaty

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  • Da Biz

    Really. Sigh.

  • Renaissance MarineTV

    wtf? you could tell the whole story about open skies, rather than try to scare people.

  • Jonny Colt


  • NC Patriot

    How the fuck can this happen??? If anything happens to Trump, you can bet your sweet ass ALL POLITICIANS AND THEIR FAMILIES will become target #1!


    Russian scumbags

  • Black Terry


  • james maxwell

    Putin’s Puppet is a turncoat Russian spy.

  • Ivan_ [Ka]

    They are practicing Trump’s evacuation when he is convicted

  • Дмитрий Олегович

    Now KGB know US top-secret – how Trump play in golf

  • Akshay Bhosale

    रोजगार सूचना
    अगर आप महनेती है और dailyरू ३००-१००० कमाना चाहते है मुझे कुछ लडके और लड़कियाँ कि अवश्यकता है जो घर बैठे काम करना चाहते है तो वॉटसॉप नं .9011468409 पर जॉब लिख भेजे

  • Alton Lee

    It’s a registered 1960 airliner. As long as they stay out of the no fly zones who cares.

  • SergeToll

    yes, right… and some Sputniks too

  • Nicolas Perez

    Nothing to see here. Russia is just bringing Trump, back home to Moscow.


    It just so happens that the Russian plane has to fly over trumps golf course when Trump is actually there see this proves Trump plane collusion

  • Yolo Swaggins

    They should’ve dropped some turds on his house.

  • Boeingemployee1989

    We can’t shoot it down or Russia will declare war on America or anyone that shoots it down

  • WhatWas ThatNoise?


  • Kenster

    Сука блять путин – лучший человек. У меня была вода, и она превратилась в водку, слушая эту песню. Я сделал молотовский коктейль, а я это у нерусских. БОЛЬШОЙ ЖИЗНЬ МАТЕРИ

  • FrozenHorse

    First CNN with this rhedrick of Trump is on vacation and now Fox?

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