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Reactions to the Manhattan, New Jersey Bombings: A Closer Look

Reactions to the Manhattan, New Jersey Bombings: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at the news coverage of the Manhattan and New Jersey bombings.
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Reactions to the Manhattan, New Jersey Bombings: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Show Comments (33)

  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    it’s not stealing if it’s rubbish its recycling

  • Stephen Dunsby

    I was hoping chelsea F.C got blown up, but then they didnt, so i cried

  • Richard Uniacke

    um didn’t Hilary also call it a bomb. hmmm who do you love

  • Raiden Stiegel

    When is Seth Meyers going to be taken off of trash can duty? after the

  • L1Games

    Calling the news before it happens? Reminds me a bit of minority report.

  • sciencekiller224xxx

    this guy is not funny

  • Jeea

    Seth Meyers you are love ?

  • Javier Fauxnom

    “Muslim” and “terrorist” are non synonymous, but “Islam” is synonymous with
    violence, Jihad, misogyny, and intolerance.

  • Kyle Wollman

    Seth definitely has the look of a bank manager. Also, the sense of humor of
    one too.

  • theomega616

    Just me or do Trump and Clinton make a cute old couple?

  • Linda Margaret Falaschetti

    Trump said a bomb went off because he already knew because he sent his thug
    associates to do that ~tlook @ rachel Maddow MSNBC~the bombs r all
    different, no one killed injured out of hospital within 2 days does this
    really sound like a terrorist attack? not to me`~motivation would be to
    keep people afraid of Muslims & prove his point,

  • I’m A Squirrel! Don’t Hate!

    A bomb went off but anybody knows what’s going on.
    – Trump ???

  • Virginia Hildreth

    Does Seth really have a Nana? He talks about her a lot. She should come on
    the show; I bet she’s adorable.

  • elliot zorn

    Muslims and terrorism dont go hand in hand but radical islam and terrorists
    will but hell democrats cant even say that

  • harlequin75

    The real reason is that New Yorkers have zero fucks to give and want to get
    on with their day/night.

  • Video Games 4 Life! Productions

    Not the late night I know, what happened with this show

  • valar

    Just another disaffected asshole who used to be a party animal and then
    fell in with radical Islamists.

  • Mickey Lantis


  • Mary Brew

    One of his funniest. Love Set! And his writers.

  • babbelfisch789

    i love this segment, but could you please stop making EVERYTHING about
    donald trump?!?
    his campaign feeds off this kind of attention

  • ftremblay379

    But does Trump win?

  • Brianna OBlivion

    Seth is smokin’ lately

  • Vanessa und Max Hartmann

    hmm, liked this except for the last part that insoisted Muslims were not
    terrorists – yeah, obviously not. If New Yorkers had gone out to protest or
    something that would have been special but just living, not really

  • Jeff Pride

    Lol damnit mcdougle

  • Manfred H

    hilary called it a bombing too minutes earlier in another interview. Not
    meaning to defend Trump though, both are horrible choices.

  • MidgetHammer

    Seth Meyers sucks.

  • Matthew Campling

    Trump is a nightmare. A nightmare people.


    Even in sports I win!!! Lol dude ,Trump is funny!

  • Peter Piper

    Trumps plan is to bomb the bombers.

  • Devlins10

    Why does this liberal pansy pusher get so many views?

  • Elli Klempau


  • Amal Yahya


  • ThatguyNice

    LMAO!! This was a REALLY hilarious segment. Props to Seth & his writing

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