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President Trump Press Conference On North Korea 8/10/17

President Trump Press Conference On North Korea 8/10/17
President Donald Trump holds an important press conference and answers questions on North Korea
Bedminster, New Jersey
August 10, 2017

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  • Get Good

    Trump just provoked North Korea to attack Guam, instead of accepting their threat as the BS that it is. Responding to a fake threat gives it life, he should have just let it go, and then if N.K dared do anything to Guam, reduce N.K’s military to rubble. Trump looked across the table and instead of accepting the BS of a poker face, responded as if NK had a full house. They don’t. NK knows full well the consequences of attacking anyone. What Trump did was DARE them to attack. Not wise by President Trump.


    Love it.

  • Tony Taglalucci

    That’s a real man there! Not like the little boy we had in the prior Administration.

  • shannon washburn

    I love this man! Excellent job!

  • Bru

    What an embarrassing douchebag is trump. He talks from the ass. Hot air and liquid shit. Trump means fart!

  • yukonjeffimagery

    Proud of our President for the first time in many years.

  • Mauro Janoski

    God bless America and President Trump!

  • Empire of Reptilian

    Fuck North Korea

  • truthhurts101

    Go President Trump!

  • Bubba Brazil

    The CNN stooge starts flapping her Gibbs at the end of the video LOL

  • mark

    pence makes a better first lady than Melanie , look at the way he stares at him whenever trumpy opens his alternative mouth , whether its bullshit or not . I bet he gave his arse and loyalty in a heart beat , sic bad people

  • Egyptian Egyptian

    America First !!!

  • vanessa torres

    trump was prepared for this role

  • barnicle8

    So many journalists speak with vocal fry

  • db2664

    Finally a strong president for our country !!!!!!!

  • Adrian Mengele

    REOPEN 911 TRUMP!!!!

  • Dorothy Wagner

    President Trump, please hold more press conferences to get around the lying media.

  • John Taylor

    This article must be disseminated

    The Republican Party is a Weapon of Mass Destruction


  • Dee Nyc

    Reporting live from Trump emergency nuclear bunker in New Jersey hiding behind Chris Christie’s pregnant body. Kim has this coward in hiding. Lololollll ???

  • awakeningspirit20

    I’m so glad he had this press conference and both he and the press went back and forth very well. When you hear from him personally and he can express HIS ideas, rather than some biased take on them reported on by CNN and others, you realize he’s really working for the greater good. The Legislative Branch has become not only too polarized but too dug in (the Swamp), so I hope something can be done about that. They should work not only together, but with this president and any future president. Even if you don’t like them or their party personally.

  • hugo.h.20 O.R

    Some Times in Life you Have to Put You’r Foot on The Ground and Open a Can Of WHOOPASS to The Spoiled Brat That Is Allways Picking On You In This Case KIM J UN…

  • Mikes Free

    Is this a comedy channel. I hope these comments praising Trump below are just sarcastic, became if there not you people are totally insane. Worst President in history and by a long way. Trump’s got to go now.

  • Timmy Langen

    When can I join the FBI trump?

  • Timmy Langen

    Win win win.

  • Timmy Langen

    What about my division?

  • Timmy Langen

    Where are they?

  • Timmy Langen

    Translate latin subs.

  • Timmy Langen

    International business trace destroying me in my major.

  • jaredvf1976

    Thank god he’s in there and not Shrillary.

  • martywhitevan


  • Pedro Portalatin

    I am happy Donald Trump is protecting America. But remember Donald talked crap about China. China said if the US military fires the first shot at Korea. China said there will be all out war. and if that happens. we are all doomed. so us let them fire the first shot.we will block there 1980 out dated missile. it takes only one of are advanced missile to do a lot of damage on Korea

  • Johan Marais

    Any pshyco doctor will tell you that the fact that the left hates Trump so much, IS PURELY DUE TO A VAST MONSTER INFERIORITY COMPLEXT towards someone so superior as him. People like that view success and achievements as a huge threat, cause they themselves haven’t amounted to ANYTHING IN COMPARISON TO DONALD TRUMP. The man took a mere $1million dollars and increased it to several billion, and now they’re just jealous to the core cause on top of it he ripped their candidate Hillaray a total new asshole and basically destroyed it. But instead of staying down when you’ve lost the fight, they continue to try and attack him and in the process they’re getting slapped to a pulp. It’s hilarious just like their fruit fly candidate Hilarious Hillary lmfao lolololol1!!!!!!!

  • Johan Marais


  • schermination

    People should remember the lessons of Munich, North Korea has been appeased long enough, they utterly violated the deal with Clinton to not build nukes and now they are continuing on with developing missiles and the nukes to fit on them.

    Of course it’s easy to put your head in the sand and appease them more, which will only lead to a more dangerous situation, Hitler was not stopped at Munich and tens of millions of people died. The North Korean regime thinks nothing about starving it’s own citizens and putting them in gulags, not to mention that they will share nuclear technology with Iran. Being weak here is not moral or wise

  • Billy McAuliffe

    Two migrant offspring moron draft Dodger coward trump and pence

  • Teenie N

    President Trump is a true strong leader that cares about the people , ,,,

  • Megan Kane

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

  • Derek Vazquezz

    Omg 2:48. “They never had a president so it didn’t matter.” Hahahahahahahahahahaha ???

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