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President Obama Assesses the Damage from Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

President Obama Assesses the Damage from Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey
President Barack Obama was in New Jersey Wednesday assessing the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. He held a press conference at the Brigantine Beach Community Center where he recognized how hard the Garden State was hit and vowed that federal, state and local governments will help in the rebuilding process. Obama also praised Gov. Chris Christie for his work before and during the storm. For more New Jersey news, visit NJ Today online at http://www.njtvonline.org/njtoday/.

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  • Hazim Nadoom

    ????? whats going on 

  • Syd Wayman

    Tell that to Chris Christie.

  • Garrus Vakarian

    If Obama did nothing about the storm… he would get criticized and called
    “un-American.” Obama sent in relief efforts for the storm and Republitards
    are saying he’s only doing it for votes. Damn, I would hate to be

  • dellam04

    Does anyone know where are Romey and Ryan?

  • VinWave

    NJ and NY are already going for Obama…so as I sit here in my powerless,
    cold, froze home, as a federal and NJ state tax payer, who doesn’t “take”
    from the government…I hope you enjoy your warm bed tonight. You’re a
    fucking ass hole and I hope you die in it.

  • VinWave

    oh..and we don’t mess with words in NJ….when we say go fuck yourself…we

  • angelic9889

    You’ve obviously never been to the areas affected by Sandy. First off, most
    of the damage in NJ happened on the coast. Yea, we have our share of rich
    people that vacation here, some even live here. But when the summer is gone
    and vacationers leave, the areas hit the hardest, like Seaside, are home to
    lower middle class people, many of them are on section 8. I think Obama
    responded so quickly because the majority of the damage occurred on the
    shore. And if you actually live here like I do, you’d 

  • angelic9889

    know that a good portion of our economy is based on tourism. If our beaches
    aren’t repaired and we can’t bring in the B.E.N.N.Y.s (If you’re from the
    shore than you know what that is.) a lot of hard working people (PRIMARILY
    LOWER TO MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS) could end up jobless and whole
    communities would go broke. If you actually gave a hoot about NJ, you’d put
    politics aside and be happy that people from all walks of live are coming
    together to help each other.

  • Mouhamadou Bamba DIENG

    Obama 4 EVER 

  • mikeflint5115

    Why is it that there are so few people questioning the nature of this
    storm? I think it is because they don’t know that the pressure for a storm
    such as this is impossibly low. The storm should have been stronger with
    those readings. In other words, according to meteologist Bryan Norcross its
    934 millibars of negatgive barrwould have made this a category 3 hurricane.
    “This is a beyond-strange situation. It’s unprecedented and bizarre.” 

  • charles whippy

    what a sad ass wipe u are wanker [sadieaugust] thanks zjack 

  • Michael Russell

    i am not an Obama supporter….but being from New Jersey I am happy to hear
    his support for my beloved State,,,Jersey Strong

  • Ronbo710

    Now I’m off to Vegas !! Peace Out Bitches !!! 

  • mitchellkarera

    ASSESSES THE DAMAGE TO HIMSELF: “I hope those Secret Service jackasses
    remembered to pack my golf clubs onto Air Force One.”

  • xlfutur1

    The only thing that really pisses President Obama off is that his favorite
    golf courses on the east coast have been seriously damaged. With 120 rounds
    of golf under his belt in just 4 years as Pres, this is a major blow to his
    schedule. Our prayers go out to you Mr. President. 

  • johnny Q

    Govenor Sandwich looking good!

  • Take Flight

    …and with your kind of mindset, that is why he is president, and you are
    commenting on a video about him on youtube. 

  • xlfutur1

    Its not a mindset. He actually HAS played over 120 rounds of golf as
    President. Imagine being leader of the free world and playing more golf
    than 99% of the population. He needs an entourage of 19 vehicles to play
    just one round of golf. Any idea of how much that costs tax payers? If the
    average taxpayer only knew. The biggest con man to ever sit in the oval

  • SuperGrumpy666

    Im so glad this happened before you boneheads vote Romney in. He would have
    pulled a ‘Bush’ 4sure.

  • Take Flight

    Who cares? He’s the President, not a robot. Why do you care about how many
    rounds of golf he’s ever played? Check the rounds of golf or other things
    previous Presidents did. Why do you even care? Presidents get free time
    too… They also get to sleep. They also get to live in the White House.
    They also get a salary. They also get 24/7 Secret Service protection during
    and after their presidency. All presidents get privileges. Why do you care?
    Worry about your life, job and family. Not his.

  • xlfutur1

    This guy could be convicted felon and you libs would defend him for find a
    reason to justify everything. Bush was called the “country club republican”
    and he played golf 24 times in 8 years. I do worry about my job, family and
    life – only because this moron is running the show. Just remember, you get
    what you vote for. I hear Greece is nice this time of year.

  • Take Flight

    Who cares about what Bush did with golf? I never called him a country club
    republican. other people did. i have no issue with him playing golf every
    day he’s in the white house. he failed america. you teabaggers can’t see
    past your failed ideology, and are stuck in the 1800s. you’re delusional.
    take it and run with it.

  • Take Flight

    republican policies were put to the test from 2000-2008. look where that
    got us. wake up and realize: THEY DON’T WORK. What will it take for you
    people to realize that? Seriously…

  • apatel303

    I still don’t know what Lybia is

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