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President Donald Trump Takes Questions After Earlier Remarks On Rising Tensions With North Korea

President Donald Trump Takes Questions After Earlier Remarks On Rising Tensions With North Korea
The president discussed North Korea and health care reform earlier today with Vice President Mike Pence by his side in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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  • Empty Mind

    Grand Design for the Humanity
    1. We have to create an one demagratic organization & one army with out Nuclear and anti balistic missiles to govern the entire world.
    Who ever want to part of the demogratic system they can register to the one organization irrespective of color,nation,culture,religion
    we have to set up this design all over the world as symmetrical & Hierarchy. So the more number candidate we will get for a same state and country instead two are three people.
    all the state persons will be selected by people according to their region.

    2. So the plotical opposition game can’t be played either side. Because, the one entity is hole responsible for the entire humanity and every political person will be part of the one entity and each person will be selected by the peoples of the world.

    The one entity’s policy should be like this,
    1. all the religions should be Respected and we have to stop the conversion. we have to give spritual freedom to any person.
    2. all the resources in the world should be kept as public and it should be shared among the humanity.
    3. we should keep and safeguard all the religious and cultural and ethinic values and places. even if they are in 10s & 100s.
    4. eliminating terrorism is easy. Because the world is unitied. where ever thread is coming its not agiant a religion, color, or ethinic it will belongs to the humanity.
    5. eliminating poverty is easy.
    6. we can eliminate media madness.
    7. military & Power race will not be there.
    8. The exploration of other planet will have much cost effective and faster. Because of the united intellectual minds.
    9. Also we don’t want to be in urge to attain something. the peoples work load and privacy & inner search have immense time and value.
    10.There is no war on the Earth.
    11.People will have the freedom to speech, thoughts and they will learn immense experiance in the diversity.
    12.There is no need for passport who ever want live where ever want and when ever want.
    13.we will not have a ecnomic crisis
    14.People will talk for the entire humanity instead of Individual rights.
    etc.., But i know it’s very difficult to achieve.But it’s not impossible.

  • Roy mammen Joseph Joseph

    We are ready to do anything for Mr. Trump. He is the man of truth.

  • John Morgan

    who’s a ignorant person who’s a war mongering person who thinks war is life and they can only think about guns and war is it the USA or Donald Trumph

  • Anthony Michael

    Just don’t fuck with my VA compensation check. The fact that there was talk about those who might have unemployability in their check losing that really sparked a lot of veterans like myself I have a small percentage of unemployability to be really upset with this guy and his administration for even talking about it!

  • ivModzxx


  • Rico Swavey

    God bless you Mr President . Donald Trump #ROCNATION _jordanblaise

  • drake man

    I’m still waiting for the Republican outrage over how much golf Donald plays. When Obama played golf it was the worse thing ever, but when Donald does it, he gets a pass like does on EVERYTHING else.

  • jordan inniss


  • Felix Niederhauser

    Americans (and the rest of the world), be happy that you have this President as Chief Commanding Officer after ALL the puppets before who after all allowed and FINANCED the Korean disaster. POTUS = MAGA

    PS: Many of you still dont get it, that Donald Trump is not telling you (and at the same time the enemy) what he will do next.
    Use your common sense and give him credit for what he is doing. God bless America and Donald Trump.

  • micdoses1

    God bless president donald Trump…trump 2020

  • Justin Norton

    Funny how trump says how he came into office with a great mess, but wants to take credit for the lowest unemployment rate. It has been dropping for the past 8 years you idiot. Has nothing to do with Trump.

  • Jege Dem

    The day of strong arm dictatorship is over. Tough talk dont get nothing accomplished. If that be the case the war in Iraq could have been over a long time ago. We as human beings all have our limitations ,so it does not matter how many weapons u possess. U cannot bomb the will out of humans. A dumb president has placed his country in the path of war ,talking reckless. Americas weakness and strength will be tested in a few days by N.Korea. Welcome to the new world. Slavery is over. According to Bob Marley—‘have no fear for atomic energy,none of us can stop the time’..It is a time for freedom. Days of the white supremacist masters is over. We blacks should grab the popcorn and sit back and watch. No one fights for our behalf. I will not fight for white supremacist or N.Korea. Let the war games begin.


    I’m so glad i’m alive. This is the funniest shit i’ve seen in my life!!

  • Kevin Soler

    We are watching history in the making. #MAGA

  • Nimu The cat

    MAGA!! Trump 2020! President Trump is the definition of competence.

  • Mez


  • Fly Over Gate

    love this man so much!

  • Barnettstrongman Jnes

    How come everyone hates he USA, but not Russia and China? You realize the jews are destroying our country?

  • fritzy2112

    He thinks like a true American who loves the piece of mind that we all have living in this great land. I dig ya President Trump

  • fritzy2112

    Russia has zero influence on me or any of my friends vote. Show me an American voter who will listen to the Russians on how to vote. It’s stupid!!!

  • AutomaticSnake

    So the N Korean leader threatens to attack and Trump basically says we will destroy you if you dare attack us… and the bad guy is Trump? What kinda retarded fucked up gay ass mentally fucked up world do we live in? Remember WWII heroes? They didn’t like war but it was needed to defend freedom or else we might be talking German right now.

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  • king karama

    Trump afraid N korea power President

  • BD tv

    The typical politician smh ?‍♂️

  • luvmyctd

    ABC scumbags. NOBODY needs you punks to analyze what Trump said. NOBODY needs or wants you fake news assholes around anymore. Anyone with a camera can do what you clowns do and better. So long traitors.

  • Jason H. C

    South Korea Loves Trump!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2682shark

    There is no money left for your health care, retirement, your kids education, infrastructure, etc…, only money for war.. thats where all the money goes..

  • PePPer Fjeld


  • Corren love

    Did he really just thank Russia for getting rid of over 700 diplomats because it lightens the payroll? Whether he was Joking or not, WTF?

  • Corren love

    There you go twitler, goad Kim Jong on some more. Because it went so well the first time. Oh yeah and pretend like you barely know manafort, you’ve known him for 30 years he even has an apartment in Trump Tower. Oh and you want a war with the majority leader? Aren’t you still pretending to be a Republican? You will eventually need McConnell, Ryan, and the rest of the Republicans to get any legislation through. Maybe put your big boy pants on and stop letting your childish ego make decisions for you.

  • Romulan2469

    Tough talk from a golf club? Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar to Obama issuing tough talk then going to swing some golf clubs? Nice to see Trump is keeping up the tradition…

  • Sharon Watson

    The media is shocked President Trump knows the art of war. Praying for President Trump. Ignore the bias fake news media.

  • HesteBremse

    Here is message to all those idiots below and above that thinks Nuking North Korea is good idea.
    The USA is allied to South Korea and they “share” the same peninsula with North Korea, so you can´t nuke NK without severely damaging you allies.

    Now go out in the nature bring a beer your dog or some friends – listen a bit to it all while that cold beer sets in. Then go back home and go to sleep, chill the fuck out or tune you car, take a Karate Class, eat a steak or what the fuck ever gives you some pleasure, but do not suggest nuking anybody – you are a disgrace to your country and the world by doing so.

    Nukes are the worst invention of Mankind, even Trump knows it.

  • Danny Freeman

    Thanks Trump God bless you. Atta Boy for stepping up to That Korea World leader who is crazy as hell. You stepped up to him letting him know. You have a mental break down. We will knock you out that’s the language that crazy world leader knows.. Your the man Trump. Atta boy for doing this now and it should have been done a long ass time ago….

  • Red Woods

    “President” Trump will be the first one in an underground bunker at the first sign of an nuclear attack on America.

  • Daniel Granados

    ? lol i never heard so much bullshit coming out of one person in such of short time .he never give any accurate information he always sounds like he is assuming shit

  • TC PossiblePossum

    So, much for having a break – No rest for this President.

  • jon d

    President Donald Trump takes questions

    1. produce
    2. write/script
    3. edit;

  • OOBC50

    At the point Steve Bannon was invited into the white house, was validation that Trump was crazy ‘Alt-Right’. This was on full display when he falsely condemned those young men of raping a white women in Central Park in New York, after investigators found they were innocent. He never apologized for publically ridiculing and slandering based on their ethnicity.

  • Kalyan Srinivas Kasibhatla

    Mr.President You Are A Gem In Politics Sir

  • Harrison Rutledge

    They have been doing this for a long time, (DPRK) .Screw you China.. it’s about time someone stands up for America, I stand with President Trump on this one; let’s go President. Let’s go! The Bible prophecy lays all this out folks…rumors of wars, wars, famine, earthquakes in unusual places, pandemics, severe weather, rioting/lawlessness…just look at Chicago this year and South Carolina now. It’s biblical prophecy whether one likes it or not. Followed by the Anti-Christ who will deceive many with the rapture and with Christ’s return!

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