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Oak Ridge NJ bipedal bear back again!

Oak Ridge NJ bipedal bear back again!
Just lookin’ for some grub!

This bear is our neighborhood miracle! FYI – see following note about bear’s condition: http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2015/bipedalbear.htm

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  • Tamora Wade/Precisely Organized, LLC

    What a beautiful bear! He’s Obviously harmless just let him live in the
    neighborhood feed him and nurturing and take him. He’s looking for
    Safehaven. Help him…..do a “Good Deed”….

  • Bryan Bulmer

    pathetic guy in a onesie with small feet, a bear would have claws without
    elongated metacarpals

  • arlyney

    Thoughts that came to mind while watching this: The Leftovers brought me
    here. There’s something actually kind of scary about seeing a bipedal bear
    in a suburban town. If only Deight Schrute can see and comment on this.

  • Kurt Spieles

    Thats me walkin home still drunk

  • Erin Kearney

    So sad,?

  • Calvin Zero

    baloo, you have lose weight…

  • al coburn


  • Phantom Freddy Fazbear

    oh crap freddy is real

  • Brett Brooksbank

    if i saw this in the street, id immediatley think it was a guy in a
    suit….very odd occurance.

  • Игорь Прокопович

    до чего люди довели зверя

  • The Dodo

    This video is so amazing, and such a great moment to capture! I’m an editor
    for The Dodo – we’re a digital brand for everyone who loves animals. I’d
    like to include a portion of your video (with an onscreen credit to you) in
    a compilation I’m making to run across our platforms & partners. Please get
    in touch if you have any objections or questions – you can contact me
    directly at dodovideo@thedodo.com. Thanks!

  • NightOwlie

    Poor thing! I wish someone would help him with his paws.

  • Gillian Brockell

    Hi Inna: I’m a video editor at The Washington Post. We’re writing a story
    about Pedals the Bear right now and are hoping to upload your footage into
    our native player, with full credit to you. Would that be possible? Please
    let me know if that’s okay or if you have other licensing terms, thanks!

  • lesROKnoobz

    poor guy. someone needs to help him out

  • smadeintheshade

    Look, if a doctor in Thailand can make a prosthetic leg for Mosha the
    Elephant, then certainly someone here in the USA can capture Pedals in one
    of those Corrugated Metal Pipe Live Bear Traps and hook this bear up with a
    prosthetic limb (or two, if needed). At the very least, capture Pedals and
    let a veterinarian examine it! It wouldn’t be the first injured bear that
    received help from humans, right? Does the name Smokey ring any bells?

  • orione56567

    this bear is ”some bear”….Zookermen ‘s famous bear”” wow wee..

  • orione56567

    people will pay big ! too see this bear………ZOO…..YOGI BEAR PARK…..
    DC ZOO …

  • Vpg001

    OMG… IT’S BANJO!!!

  • ter450
  • Sang3ETA

    Sad to hear the hunters got him. If only someone could have caught him and
    put him in a zoo where he could have been cared for I’m sure he would have
    been a big hit with tourists. R.I.P. Pedals.

  • James Steinberger

    RIP Pedals. Taken unjustly by hunters, ending an interesting life in the
    name of sport. Fuck the hunters and long live Pedals The Bear

  • Nicholas G

    rip bro

  • Thomas Vleminckx

    Yeah, RIP.

  • Vidya Singh

    can CBS News please use this video for a news story on Pedals?

  • innertubez

    Horrible news! It seems that some hunter killed Pedals. 🙁

  • Blazer


  • Neal H. Hurwitz

    he was just KILLED in the NJ hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myulz J

    rest in peace buddy

  • kingv911

    I’m surprised a hunter actually shot him. Walking on his hind legs like
    that he looks a like a man in a bear suit.

  • TBA

    Looks like a creeper in a bear costume. It’d feel weird to shoot at
    something that seemed so…human.

  • smadeintheshade

    Well, the person who killed Pedal’s must feel like a real man now, eh? Very

  • Diana A.

    It is now being said that a bow hunter KILLED Pedals. Damn murderer!
    Care2 Petitions
    a message from
    My petition is now closed. Thanks for signing. Lisa Rose-Rublack
    Tell New Jersey to make the right decision for Pedals the bi-pedal bear
    SAD NEWS: PEDALS IS DEAD. It is confirmed Pedals was legally killed by a
    hunter last week.
    Our fight is over. May he rest in peace.
    Because of threats to bear hunters we temporarily shut the FB page. Thank
    you for your support. NJDEP and F&W Could have been heroes, but refused to
    act. Shame on them.

    Lisa Rose-Rublack

  • heaven and earth

    he is definitely the cause of most of your dogman sightings even an expert
    would have difficulties at night tryin to explain that’ if he saw it run
    cross a road or what ever your mind play tricks it dos not by no means
    exsplain them all tho there is 1r2 cases that can’t be explain that easy

  • kanisawa misoni

    Though I felt sorry,but I have laughed lol
    This video funny.

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