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NJ Governor Chris Christie Defends Use Of Beach Closed To Public

NJ Governor Chris Christie Defends Use Of Beach Closed To Public
Gov. Chris Christie is defending his use of a beach closed to the public during New Jersey’s government shutdown, saying he had previously announced his vacation plans and the media had simply “caught a politician keeping his word.”
The Republican governor was photographed Sunday by NJ.com at Island Beach State Park sitting on a beach chair in sandals and a T-shirt before flying to talk to reporters in Trenton.
Christie told WTXF-TV in Philadelphia on Monday that he had earlier said he planned to be at the state-owned governor’s beach house regardless of whether there was a shutdown.
He says the media “caught a politician keeping his word” and adds New Jersey “has beaches for 120 miles” so there are plenty of options for anyone wanting a beach day as the Fourth of July approaches.

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  • David thomas

    look at all the peons jealous of a governor the senate in New Jersey did not pass a budget of course the beaches were closed if your Governor you can go to the beach when it’s closed good

  • joseph calavruso

    wochit news your full of shit takeing nutural root that is clearly a good moment to be like have this fat governor sitting on a public beach that was closed to the public this 4th of July and looking like a pig woke doing and I’m sry I want my governor’s to keep there promise to keep health care not keep plans to go with Becky to the beach !

  • rofyle

    Tony Soprano the governor

  • Christopher Eckes

    All politicians are corrupt.


    Beached whale

  • Eternal entropy


  • 404 error page

    damn dude, all these comments are nothing but dank roast and painful burns.

  • Kyle W

    fat piece of shit. you idiots in NJ are brilliant.

  • DeadExcuses

    Wow people are really hurt over this? This is more funny than anything.

  • Orangekoi

    If he was liberal most of the people in the comments would go out of their way defending his trip to a private beach. The governments not going to crumble because the man took some time enjoying the beach with his family for the 4th of July. Government shutdowns happen all the time, this has been blown out of proportion. Regardless of if he went or didn’t, it would have been shut down regardless and guess what. No one is going to care in a month, because the shutdown will be over.

  • Laundry Sauce

    I don’t under stand what the big deal is? Instead of the news reporting on countless murders that happen in America alone, they decide to use up time talking about a man who took his family a beach. Wow the left media really is corrupted and fake.

  • embg

    Disgusting man

  • addition AD

    He should be charged with trespassing like anyone else would #LockHimUp

  • nehal samuel


  • RuBaron715

    Christie said if the picture would have been him sitting next to a 25 year old blond,  that would have been a story. No that would have been his fantasy.

  • Joey Healy

    After learning all of the facts, I don’t think it’s as bad as it’s being made out to be. He was in the backyard of the Governors Residence, which just happens to be a beachfront.

  • marky mark

    Heart attack!

  • dirtybaytexas


  • drvannostran

    Fat fuck.

  • trinhkets

    Christ, you are suppose to work for the people. Not take advantage of them

  • scrubslover9

    Obama did the exact same thing only in Hawaii. Even the town was shut down. But no one seemed to care then. People are always looking for a reason to bitch. Personally I don’t think a politician is entitled to anything above a citizen, but I can’t stand hypocrites only blaming a guy because he’s in league with trump. This happens a lot from both parties.

  • timabuf

    I’m sorry but the citizens are and I love to do it neither are you buddy you can’t just say I broke the law because I promised to go to the beach , also this trending I’m so tired of YouTube spending one way if it’s against a Republican it’s trending even if it has one do you ridiculous I mean I’m not on either side anymore I want third-party because both sides are full of crap but seriously you too how is this trending guys are just stupid

  • Robert Schaffer

    what’s all the fuss people act like they never seen a beached whale before

  • ilovecodemonkeys

    Disliking the video hurts the uploaded, right? Express your anger in the comments or when you share LOL

  • GEMJ M

    He’s an obese man. He’s shy about his whale size body.

  • MattP 81

    He’s a disgusting fat tub of turds. If ever there were a more crooked politcian…

  • FAYMprod

    why do you repeat his defense twice AND neither time is from that fat fuck’s own mouth

  • Weer Were

    Oh fuck off chris Christie

  • Edison R

    I live in North Bergen, New Jersey, and I find this ridiculous. I was going to have a beach day on the 4th. But, our governor ruined it for me, and my family

  • MacawEagle

    the middle class should keep their place hahaha

  • Johnny

    Remember this is the same guy against cannabis legalization

  • BigFrakkinOgre

    As a fat bastard, i feel the need to say that THIS fat bastard doesn’t represent me

  • rob k


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