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NJ Company Invests In Phoenix Pest Control

phoenix pest control company

New Jersey Business Invests In Arizona Pest Control Company

New Jerseys Real Estate Investment Club has invested in a pest control company in Phoenix Arizona. The buzz surrounding the investment stated that the group needed more people in Arizona caring for their rental properties, pest control phoenixand one of those needs was pest control. In between rentals, some warehouses sit vacant for months on end and rodents populate the properties causing severe damage and hazardous waste. It is more expensive to clean up rodent waste after a year of build up then it is to treat it monthly as a maintenance cost. The investment group has determined that by owning a piece of a company that provides the best pest control Phoenix has to offer, they will save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and hazard clean up.

Empty Strip Malls – Vacant Warehouses – Rodent Infestations

During the real estate crash of 2008 the New Jersey Real Estate Investment Club bought up strip malls and vacant warehouses in hopes to either fill the empty space with tenants or flip the properties when the market rebounded. One thing the investors did not anticipate was the infestation of desert rodents. Arizona is known for its snakes and scorpions, but it was the desert mice that were finding their way into these vacant dwellings and occupying space. The problem becomes the toxic environment that the rodents create when feces is spread throughout the interior of the property. Real estate agents were trying to show the property to potential investors and tenants and they were often turned off by foul odors and the sight of mice scampering across the floors as they toured the properties. The money the investment group had to pay out to cleanse the facilities became a financial burden and therefore they decided to invest in a local pest control company.

Monthly Pest Control Saves Investors

phoenix pest control companyAfter investing in rodent control, it took 6 months for investors to notice the savings the move made to their maintenance costs. By owning a piece of the company, they were able to offer wholesale pest control back to themselves at a fraction of the price. This is why business savvy individuals make the money they do, they invest smart and keep business transactions internal when possible. The monthly maintenance of the commercial properties has also increased the revenue stream for the pest control company, making it the most successful pest control company in Phoenix as of this article. The pest control company, now called “Pest Control Phoenix” services the entire east valley including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and the surrounding areas.

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