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NJ Churches Vandalized

NJ Churches Vandalized
Vandals targeted churches in Morris County, New Jersey overnight, breaking windows and damaging signs. CBS2’s Jessica Borg has the latest.

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  • Carter Pizzo


  • G Hooghkirk HIGHLIFE

    Black churches that’s bull. Some jap thown a brick through a Muslim church and it’s on the news for days saying it’s a hate crime period until the police realized it’s another fake hate crime hoax. But the WHITE CHURCHES ONE BLACK CHURCH GETS DESTROYED AND THEY SAY ITS WHITE PEOPLES DOING IT AND if it’s another hoax and blacks did it we’ll just say ITS JUST VANDALISM WTF. MUSLIMS ARE TAKING OVER THE GHETTOS IN JERSEY RAPING MURDERING WHITES NOW THERE CHURCH GET DAMAGED AND THEY BLAME WHITES. ITS WHITE PEOPLES GETTING ATTACKED AND THE FAKE NEWS COVERS THE REAL HATE CRIMES GOING ON AGAINST WHITES FROM BLACKS AND MUSLIMS attacking beating them WTF FAKE NEWS. LIES AND FAKE RACISM THAT DOESN’t exist it’s the complete opposite of what they are reporting. Channel 2 news should be ashamed. They are a fake news network. Stop lying to us we are not stupid ???

  • Raptor Clips

    What has the world come to

  • Pancho Villa

    The governor was upset about the vandalism, well they captured the guy, is the governor still outraged?

  • PriceRight89

    A black man did this.

  • John Smith

    Trump Effect = The compulsion of black people to engage in fake hate crimes against other blacks. These are more accurately described as blood libels against whites than hate crimes against blacks.

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