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News In Two Minutes – Riots in China – Tsunami In New Jersey – Ethanol Gas – Prepper Survival News

News In Two Minutes – Riots in China – Tsunami In New Jersey – Ethanol Gas – Prepper Survival News
Riots In China Leave 27 dead — Tsunami Waves In New Jersey — Credit Fears Drive Chinese Stocks Down — Antidepressants Linked To Heart Disease — 15 % Ethanol In Gas — Mexico Bans US Live Swine — Brazil Continues To Riot –Iceland Rescinds EU Bid.

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In today’s News In Two Minutes we cover a wide range of events happening in the current news cycle.

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  • adjacentbrown12

    Twice per day! Hell y

  • Permaculture Homestead

    this format is GREAT, you can focus more on the topics instead of jamming
    all the news in 2 min! cant wait till tonight

  • Patti Simmons

    Excellent video! Have a question for you today: I live in rural farming
    country and have heard from MANY farmers out here when they use fuel with a
    higher ethanol percentage their engines develop more build-up, horse power
    goes down, etc. There are several gas stations that carry NON-ETHANOL fuel
    as well because ethanol ruins outboard motors, small engines etc.
    Anecdotally, my car’s MPG has risen from 23 to 28 MPG. What do you know
    about this?? Can’t find much info on the web. Blessings to ya!

  • Deezeone

    The best!!!

  • Arq. Eduardo Maia

    Hi Guys, great news, as always… here in Brazil we have been adding
    ethanol in gasoline for over a decade, for storage and engine combustion
    its no big deal, the problem is the increasing of the emissions of the
    ozone gas, ethanol emits when the smoke of combustion meets sunlight, and
    this ozone its terrible for us!! This is something people don´t talk about
    it, the diseases associated with air pollution has increase a lot since the
    ethanol use its been use here!! 

  • leadpersuasion

    Thanks for the real news!

  • tekkendavis

    I am a pharmacy tech. I admit I don’t know what a pharmacist, the fda, or
    the manufacturers do. But let me be clear: I avoid all RX drugs. Statins
    destroy muscle. Your heart is a muscle. There is also new evidence it may
    harm your brain tissue. SSRI has been shown to increase tendency for
    violence against yourself & others. Narcotics are a great way to become the
    slave of those that control the dispensing of said addictive substance.
    Think about these things. Stop eating Fastfood & GMO.

  • Julia76087

    wow, tsunami on the coast of NJ. first I’ve heard of that! thank you!

  • Iconic Meerkat

    Another informative response. KI is hard to get around here I have to drive
    to the next big town to get some, I want to keep my intake stable but I
    have to use charts I find on different websites, aside from that I have my
    purification tabs, and liquid iodine is good for water purification. I
    wonder if there is some type of litmus test to determine levels. I know
    that the main ingredient in round is finding it’s way into Canada’s blood
    supply, if it can do that what else can it, makes you wonder

  • Iconic Meerkat

    Thank you for that information! I thought it burned hotter because of it’s
    flashpoint, and the aluminum blocks. I’m glad you shed some light on this.
    So to get fast and furious we stay off the ethanol, to race another day :-)

  • Komadin

    Haven’t eaten fast food or drank a soda in about a year. I plan to continue
    till I pass on

  • preppersintent

    Thumbs up as usual, keep up your great work, and thanx…

  • john smith

    that comment about ethanol is to complex to decide if its a good thing 

  • Grimvolf

    Awesome report! Thank you

  • OldDannyboy12

    Good work.

  • thedragonsmith1

    Thanks FSS. Not only are your vids awesome, the viewers comments are
    factual and relevant. I love it. Thanks again.

  • J. Williams

    Thanks FullSpectrumSurvival, Actually 10% Ethanol is causing thousands of
    dollars of damage. Try running your lawn mower, trimmer, chain saw on it!
    or any small engine. My car is a 2002 and can run 100% gas or 10% ethanol.
    When on ethanol it get’s terrible mileage and has much less power. I’ll
    stick to 100% as long as I can!

  • Appalachian Foothills Outdoors

    Thanks as always!

  • FullSpectrumSurvival

    May be a good call.

  • FullSpectrumSurvival

    yq and thank you squid.

  • FullSpectrumSurvival

    Thank you and many returns brother.

  • Sylvia Kinzie

    My 1990 Toyota has run on 10% ethanol for 20 years. It always knocks when
    it gets 100% gas so it rarely gets any. To put a later model on 10% ethanol
    the carburetor has to be adjusted. Car is so cheap to maintain I don’t mind
    a bit more cost for the gas. Also 10% ethanol gives off less carbon

  • cyclop41

    I found this guy having the same content, I hope he got your permission to
    post your videos, they even posted the same video description
    /watch?v=ly9b0ZgnCTI Actually, A LOT of his videos seem to have come from
    your own work….

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