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New Jersey Trades Wedgewood To Arizona For 5th Round Pick

New Jersey Trades Wedgewood To Arizona For 5th Round Pick
This seems like a small return for a decent young goaltender. Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Brian Schlaf

    I think Wedgewood was going to be the future goalie of the devils

  • hibby50

    I don’t think he had much of a future with the Devils, but I would’ve rather held onto him than get a 5th round pick

  • ParagonKevin

    From my understanding, Jersey has other good goalies in the system so this was just a matter of cutting someone loose who wasn’t going to get much play time. I feel like it’s an equal trade since Wedgewood never would’ve made the Devils roster and now they potentially have a good prospect coming in with that pick.

  • Green Jesus

    Bring back Doan #19

  • Brody Hinz

    When I saw this trade I was like um… OK? Cause I didn’t understand this deal!

  • morgan Williams

    As a devils fan I agree we got fleeced on this one, I really like Wedgwood. I assume they wanted to move him so Blackwood and Appleby could get more time (which I don’t necessarily disagree with) but I did like Wedgwood and he was worth a lot more than a 5th. Hope he does well for AZ.

  • Wookie Goldberg

    Not mad at all as a Devils fan. Schneider started tonight, and Mackenzie Blackwood is our AHL starter. Wedgewood competed with Kinkaid for the NHL backup and lost the job. So he was the 4th goalie in our organization depth chart. A backup AHLer for a 5th is about what I expected. Also, he’s had shoulder surgeries two years in a row and is injury prone.

  • Hallsy Hockey

    Schnieder played tn

  • James Allison

    as a devils fan, i think we could’ve gotten something a little bit better than a 5th rounder. wedgewood was a really underrated goalie

  • Jeremy Miller

    It’s because he was gonna get claimed off waivers cause we activated Cory

  • kevin teskey

    Shannon, with Schneider coming off IR today the Devils would have needed to waive Wedgewood as far as I know, and they would have lost him for nothing. I think that’s why they moved him and the return was so low.

  • NJDEVIL91923

    He passed through waivers twice…the fact that he got anything more than future considerations is a win

  • Alex Pitti

    schnieder isn’t hurt

  • SpeechBlennds

    RIP Wedgewood’s potential.

  • Andrew Brandt

    Does anyone get that he would have been sent through waivers a day later anyways? If they didn’t do this trade we would have sent him down when Schneider came back and that Arizona would have claimed him for free
    He already went through waivers this year so any pick is better than nothing

  • volcanope

    I thought Adin Hill played well?

  • Youtube Maniac 1

    Good move for Arizona. Domingue isn’t a terrible goaltender, but he seems to overplay some shots just enough to be a fringe NHLer. I’m sure he’ll put up some solid numbers in the AHL.

  • BuLLeTx87

    NJ fan here…Wedge exceeded more than his 3rd round pick status suggested, so only a 5th is very disappointing. Like you said, the market must be weak on goalies. On the other hand, Wedge was never going to be a player for us unless someone offered something insane for Kinkaid. To be in the NHL, he’ll need to succeed elsewhere and this gives him the opportunity. We have Schneider and Kinkaid right now, with Blackwood being our future and able to have the starting job in the AHL (with Appleby backing him up). Truth be told, for the sake of goalie development and whatnot, we had 5 goalies for 4 spots. One was always going to go and Wedge was the most likely.

  • Matt Klein

    I agree, doesn’t make sense… I’m guessing Ray Shero did Wedgewood a favor and wants to see Blackwood with a bigger role

  • Dan Moffler

    Between his injury last season and the fact that he’d be on waivers if sent down, im fine with it

  • Frank

    So there’s a few things about this “trade” it was more so a “Schneider is coming off IR and Wedgewood needs to clear waivers to go back to the A” So no surprise there that the Yotes were going to swoop in and pick him up for nothing. I dont know who initiated contact about the trade but the Devils at least got something in return for a player they would have lost for nothing on the waiver wire.

    Now in regards to losing Wedgewood, I liked the kid. He was a nice guy, showed really well in the NHL a few seasons ago, but hes coming off an injury and hes kind of at the crossroads of his professional career where he seems to be able to at least be a back up in the league. We have Blackwood down in the AHL and who has been playing pretty well. So in a pinch I guess Shero is ok with calling up Blackwood for a back up spot if Kinkaid or Schneider get hurt or miss any time. So all in all I’m happy to have gotten something rather than losing Wedgewood on waivers and who knows, this years draft is meant to be really deep so stockpiling picks in a deep draft never hurts, especially since we dont seem to be in the Dahlin hunt anymore.

  • Dustin Nelson

    Devils fan here… Wedgewood was called up because Schneider went on IR, he is now back. Wedgewood is good, but definitely odd man out between himself, Kinkaid and Schneider. That being said, he was going on wavers at which point Arizona would have taken him for nothing…. so the Devils just got whatever they could, no?

  • Jersey Joe

    Well Blackwood is gonna be pushing Appleby while Gilles Senn is doing rather well in Davos. I would like to think Senn makes a push next summer.

  • Nollz

    Lol Wedgewood could have been claimed off waivers in the beginning of the season. The Yotes were desperate and the Devils managed to snag a pick off of them. Mackenzie Blackwood is the future of the New Jersey Devils at this point. Once Mack came up last season, he started rough, turned it around and got them into the playoffs against a tough Marlies team. Yes, Scott was hurt but he would have easily split time with Blackwood and Appleby. Both of them made in convincing enough that they could do without Wedgewood. Kinkaid won the backup job the past two seasons in NJ so obviously he wasn’t good enough to backup Schneids in NJ. Management is comfortable putting faith in Blackwood who is only 20 years old and Appleby, who is like a year or two older. They can handle the workload and they’re younger with more upside. Mack is too good for junior, especially after being named the best goaltender in the OHL after his last year with Barrie. Again, he’s young, his game is developing fine for a pro goaltender of his age. Not sure why people think he’s worth more than a 5th round pick. He has like 3 NHL games under his belt, yes he looked good… but 3 games. Like I said in the beginning, if he was really that special, a team would have claimed him when he had to pass through waivers at the beginning of the season.

  • WiseDiscernment

    As a devils fan I don’t feel great about it but we do have Blackwood and Applyby so our goaltending prospect pool still looks good. I trust Shero 100%, all his deals have made sense in the larger picture so there must have been a good reason for him to trade Wedgewood. Maybe too much Wood in the roster for Shero’s liking ;P

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