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New Jersey high school students walk out

New Jersey high school students walk out
http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2010/04/students_across_nj_protest_gov.html Newark high school students from all over the city walk out of class and converge on City Hall, chanting “We want Booker” and “Save our schools” in protest of NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget cuts for public schools. Video by Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger

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  • Hellpig

    time to round up the commie unions and burn them alive they are the enemies
    within and sooner or later will be dealt with accordingly

  • agonizethis

    Immigration is the number one reason why schools are overcrowded. Suck it
    liberals, and seal those borders already. Think rationally and not
    emotionally bc you cant have your cake and eat it too.

  • Fockersnextdoor

    return to the pre-Carter years, abolish the Department of Education or lose
    your country to marxists.

  • Andre R

    @Halftrac if so you believe, why take away from it to make it worse?????
    Ignorant statements makes you a nigger

  • Nasrin Younus

    wow this is worst than the protest at my school.

  • Natasha Stone

    @Halftrac The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution specifically states,
    “Congress shall make no law…prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or
    abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the
    people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress
    of grievances.”

  • Natasha Stone

    @Halftrac Additionally, these students have a legal right to express their
    opinions concerning education or any other issue of their interest, with
    out any legal consequences as long as it is being done in a non-violent
    manner. You can concur that this was a non-violent protest.

  • inezzy15

    My school did the same thing. I don’t care who Chris Christie thinks he is
    but he has GOT to go. Ever since he became governor he has been a total
    ass. About an hour ago, he was on the news saying kids in middle school
    shouldn’t have a Facebook or Myspace and personally i don’t see where he
    has that kind of authority. He doesn’t want change. He wants money. And no
    way in hell are we gonna sit back and watch him take over and do whatever
    the hell he wants.

  • Minnow22

    Do they still teach spelling and grammar in school?

  • Charles Yartey

    this shit was live at the campus for 1 good day afta all this shit dead?

  • agonizethis

    @cobrakilla1 You said illegal immigration is the problem. Then wanted to
    legalize the illegals. Therefore legalizing the problem to begin with?

  • agonizethis

    Your 4-year college degrees don’t mean squat if you cant find work. Blame
    NAFTA! Canada has already seen alot of their jobs outsourced to the US in
    the 90’s. Now the US is outsourcing it’s jobs to Mexico (and abroad). Why
    is Mexicans so damn poor that they have to move north? Because liberal
    policies don’t work. watch?v=n7WJeqxuOfQ

  • tie3278

    sorry newark, your schools and city suck ballz. if i were governor, you
    would get zero dollars per year funding…..why are kids so damn stupid?
    the reason theres no funding is because the STUDENTS are not producing
    academically measurable results. If they were, they would be accepted to
    good colleges, bettering the schools name giving them more funding……i
    wonder what results would come if everyone put this much effort into

  • adamitshelanu

    I have a great idea Newark students! Every time you go in the front door of
    the school, drop $1 of your lunch money in the collection box to pay for
    your “education.”

  • BlackJacx1

    Gov. Christie Cutting the NJ budget = save $300,000,000 in one year.
    Cutting School to protest = Suspension(more time off from school, score)!
    Seeing the boy you like at the protest 0:12 = Priceless! For everything in
    your life, there’s master card… Oh wait, that’s what got your state into
    this mess in the first place. Never mind.

  • Nancy Z

    i think this is great! every skool in Nj had the right to walk out! my
    skool (Cliffside PArk High School) did that! and we we were the first in Nj
    to walk out! it was great! but thing is pple think we did that just to get
    out of class! NOT TRUE

  • dakkon10

    @johncenalover93 Every school had the right to walk out of school? And for
    gods sake, when you’re trying to defend your education, it’s very
    counter-productive to spell SCHOOL as SKOOL. I think you could have used
    that extra day in class.

  • tjseagrove

    And how can their parents pay for their cell phone bill if the taxes go up
    on their house?? Will all those “walk-outs” give up their cell phone, ipod,
    WII, whatever????

  • jobe1911

    Using the children as propaganda….sad. Wonder how many attended simply to
    cut school that day? I know I would have at the age of 16-18. And yes,
    amadeusyaoi, proper grammar and spelling does certainly count for
    something. In the ‘real’ world, a miss spelled word on a resume equals file
    13. This means….you don’t get the job. 

  • kycamp7931

    LMAO- If these kids actually were protesting for something they’d be
    outside the offices of the teacher’s union.

  • rippen100

    Nikga it’s a street slang you dum white uk hypocrite!

  • darkflip408

    Christie is such a wonderful governor (being extremely facetious). He cuts
    so much funding from education, lay off thousands more people, and give tax
    breaks to those making $400,000/year. Yeah, such a wonderful governor. I
    mean, we don’t want a recall because of this, we want a recall because we
    think he is just too good for the job (being SUPER facetious)

  • circusmaximus10

    @darkflip408 Do you have any idea about how much these teachers get in
    lifetime benefits and big penions when NO ONE in private sector gets the
    same. If you had a choice-face teacher layoffs & program cutting OR
    eliminate their LIFETIME benefits? Which would you choose?

  • peter

    I can picture the teachers that day getting the kids excited for a rally.
    The girl at 0:12 could care less about the walkout; Hell if someone told me
    that we were going to have a walk out in high school for free pancakes in
    the morning I would have done it. I doubt the kids there care about the
    teachers paying a few extra bucks for health care like everyone else in the

  • Jermybug

    @TheIndigosummers What are you talking about? Our schools didn’t get big
    stimulus checks from the government. We made it with less funding. It’s a
    shame that people, especially students, have to sacrifice during this tough
    economic time. But, times are tough BECAUSE government spending is out of
    control. Many areas that receive large amounts of public funding are going
    to have to accept cuts. That’s called being responsible. Apparently, the
    NJEA didn’t teach you that lesson, did they?

  • expatted

    There’s no money for school: they have to bomb brown people and steal their

  • electricalron

    GO Christie Go!

  • nsarts1

    im glad i stayed in. most of these kids just wanted to skip school without
    getting in trouble.

  • Justin Lee

    were white people 

  • Quality

    I think I saw Mr Sams.

  • Kimberly Michelle

    People keep commenting that the students they see in the video are “burn
    outs”. Possibly true, but there were students there who really care about
    their education. There were honor students and other students fighting for
    their education. Just because a student does not have the “capability” to
    be honor student does not mean that they should be suffering the
    consequences of the financial cuts. 

  • Kiki Fenty

    I was there. And I am now a senior in college. Burn out my ass. Chris
    Christie is trash. 

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