Nanny cam shocker – nurse peeing on kitchen sink

Nanny cam shocker – nurse peeing on kitchen sink
A nurse practitioner pled guilty in court today after she was caught on surveillance video urinating in her employer’s kitchen sink in front of the special-needs child she cared for.
Kassandra Fields-Ralph, whose story was first seen on News 12 New Jersey in November 2010, appeared before municipal court Judge Michael Dowgin on charges of theft and improper behavior.

Fields-Ralph was also seen stealing clothing and food in the video. Police say she confessed that she did those things because she didn’t like the child’s mother

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  • SuperHellojk

    How did she become a nurse in the first place let alone a nurse practioner

  • zadose

    What. The. Fuck….? People like THIS get HIRED???

  • Roger Grose

    what did you expect, she looks like scum!!!

  • jsteele650

    Ewwwww…That’s nasty!!

  • Justice2who

    yeah, and while your at it don’t any women especially white!:-/

  • datsme

    I would guess Japanese women to be the best to watch your kids or chinese.

  • mannyistheman2221

    Very good point!!! I don’t think it was on merit either!! So many people
    will hold one group of people to a lower standard than the dominant group
    and not care if they lie or cheat their way through nursing school. Someone
    like a nurse practitioner should know better! Those are nurses with
    supposed advanced degrees! Like a Masters in Nursing or a Doctor of
    nursing!! Shameful!

  • mannyistheman2221

    This is what happens when a generation of kids are taught standards don’t
    matter and aren’t taught right from wrong. This is what happens when the
    wrong people get into a profession and a position of public trust. I had
    nurses who didn’t pee in front of me at a hospital in Washington DC but
    who’s behavior stopped short of this. This woman brings shame to herself,
    her family, the nursing profession, the school she went too, and her race!
    I feel sorry for anyone connected to her in any way!

  • mannyistheman2221

    I did some more research on this individual. She is not a Nurse
    Practitioner! She is a licensed practical nurse. A Nurse Practitioner
    requires an advanced degree while a LPN or licensed practical nurse
    requires only an Associates Degree in Nursing from a Community college or
    graduate from a licensed and accredited nursing program that offers 2 year
    degrees. She is not a CRNP. Those require ADVANCED DEGREES. 

  • SuperHellojk

    It is shameful …. lately i been hear cases of nursing student hoving
    trouble getting licensed because of some juvi record but if its a juvi
    record i dont see a big deal because kids r going to do stupid things when
    young it not an excuse but u can really hold some one little kid record
    against them because there brains where still developing back them but if
    the person has a high gpa and no further adult record then why not give
    them a chance unlike this lady who old to know right from wrong

  • zadose

    Yea, I would be sorry too. She must have a brain defect or something. This
    is why I have camera’s in my house, anyone tries to rob, do something
    gross, steal or anything… it will be recorded, and they will be in big
    trouble when I find out. It should be mandatory in any household to have
    cameras in case of crap like this happens…

  • Gaius Caligula (Emperor Caligula)

    But race had nothing to do with this, right…

  • P Fletch

    I have said the same thing. If you have to even think about putting a
    camera in your house, then you are leaving your kids with strangers and I
    agree….dont have em if you cant or choose not to raise em. Stay the hell
    home or stay childless.

  • P Fletch

    Why didnt she use the toilet???? That completely baffles me!

  • P Fletch

    There are much much more disgusting things than pissing in a kitchen sink.
    Its bad yea, but come on judge. The stealing is the disgusting part

  • icecru2

    why be racist? how about never hire a white woman, she may casey anthony
    your kids.

  • mannyistheman2221

    Anyone is capable of doing good or bad! I have had white nurses care for me
    in the hospital who were almost as bad as this if not worse (The piss came
    out their mouths)

  • Superredhawk444

    Pig !!!

  • ImSPOTon

    Nasty bitch

  • facgr8fu

    Disgusting pig.

  • Emma Schroeder


  • cobdale tabbert

    must have been a big sink for that arse to fit in

  • Janetto W Thomson

    i would have done some next shit before going to court to that sitter 

  • liquidblue

    PEOPLE . 


    Stupid black girls they be actin stupid

  • lesafaye

    What is wrong with people?!

  • SirSelby

    Geesh! If you are going to piss in somebody’s sink, make sure there are no
    children in the room!

  • mannyistheman2221

    She is a licensed practical nurse (WAS ONE) not a nurse practitioner. That
    requires a Doctor of Nursing Science Degree and this creature clearly isn’t
    smart enough to attain one. 

  • Cheesetoon

    This is just disgusting!

  • Efrain Gonzalez

    That so true move on girl..

  • Zambie Hater

    I dont see whats wrong with this, when you gotta go you gotta go

  • Franco Walus

    She had no time to go to the toilet,where’s the problem?

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