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Technology Has Changed The Game For Local Business Owners

Technology has changed what’s possible for entrepreneurs with a wide range of tools that can reach new audiences, provide critical advantages, and separate one business from the other through the startup and growth stages. Small-business owners who embrace and learn these new technologies are finding that their system processes, accounting, marketing and communication are transforming their businesses through advances in computer, network and communications technology. Adapting to such advancements means that customers experience a unique sales opportunity that opens their eyes and gains trust in a world increasingly skeptical.


Whether you’re protecting your website from hackers or property from thieves, your business will struggle unless customers feel entirely comfortable in your ability to protect them when doing business with you. Revolutionizing businesses such as www.eastwarehouseselfstorage.com from a brick and mortar business to a highly advanced storage facility that can control its security measures through software and a cloud platform allowing them to monitor their entire facility from anywhere.

Call Tracking

With call tracking technologies becoming more and more affordable and usable; small business owners can now program call tracking systems to deliver advertising messages for their inbound calls, create multiple numbers to tie to individual marketing campaigns, and record calls for quality assurance and control. Owners can now more adequately determine the quality of a phone call lead and whether it resulted in purchase or a scheduled appointment from a given marketing campaign. This allows small-businesses to be more cost effective with their marketing dollars by understanding where each telephone call is coming from and calculate how effective ads really are at generating leads.


Keeping track of accounting is something most small-business owners dread and avoid for many reasons. New software packages are making the lives of many much simpler by easing the process of setting up accounts and posting daily transactions. Managing your business transactions through softwares such as Microsoft Money or QuickBooks can eliminate the need to hire full-time or third-party accountants. With these, you can now easily create accounting reports and financial statements to aid and improve your decision-making effectiveness.

The Internet

Small business owner’s can now design and create sales funnels and create content to compete with anyone around the world, reaching thousands or millions of potential customers who never would have known the business existed without the internet. Entrepreneurs can use search engine optimization strategies and web marketing tools to reach new audiences searching for their services and spread targeted messages to people ready to move on their sales pitch with the right hook. The only thing separating a small-business owner from anyone else now is their heart, business acumen, and determination.

Startup Costs

The downside to all of this technology is that it has increased the initial startup costs for new businesses and raised the level of entry a notch or two. New businesses now require computers, smartphones, web design and development, marketing costs, and a network infrastructure. As the business grows, additional costs will be required as they leave the startup stage and move to larger infrastructure projects to accommodate rapid growth.

Time Management

Starting a business can overwhelm anyone. Which means you cannot over-rate the need to free up time from unnecessary duties and unorganized schedules in order to focus on more productive activities. Managers and business owners alike can sync their computers and cell phones together to allow unprecedented access to in-depth scheduling and customer relationship management software. Schedules, meetings, down time, etc can be optimized from anywhere. Which also means busy entrepreneurs can have a “face to face” meeting online, from anywhere in the world.

We’d like to thank East Warehouse Self Storage and Call Tracking Pro for opening up to us and letting us into their business worlds, their struggles, and how they turned ideas into successful businesses. East Warehouse provides safe and secure self storage units in Layton. Call Tracking Pro is an amazing software you’ll be able to soon read about in Entrepreneur magazine.


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