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LIVE: Hoboken Train Crash Coverage

LIVE: Hoboken Train Crash Coverage
An NJ Transit train crashed at Hoboken Terminal Thursday morning.

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  • DO

    Another Big Mystery Station over 100 years old… We might as well
    wait,like nothing happened, Robotic Response Route

  • Stephen Chang

    Very suspicious. We don’t feel safe any more

  • mooselipsify

    were are all the video’s of the people being transported to hospital?? How
    come there are not dozens of bewildered and shocked passengers? What,
    nobody trapped in the wreckage? They have ALL been transported to hospital?
    WTF?? Looks more like they smashed an EMPTY TRAIN into the station.Those
    people on the stretchers don’t have a scratch on them.Same video loops,
    over and over.

  • Derrick Thomas

    Drill for the same exact scenario 5 day before? in the same location?
    what’s next? a homegrown lone wolf terrorist did it!?

  • Pablo Escobar

    They used Asian steel instead of American

  • Pablo Escobar

    You shouldn’t be able to go too “fast”

  • Erik Dexter

    obama did it

  • Edward Koepke

    M O N E Y

  • Akult IsGod

    First of all… they interviewed the daycare worker of the daughter of the
    1 woman who died. The daycare worker was trying not to laugh on tv. Then
    they interviewed the engineer who found the dead body and he was explaining
    it with a smile on his face…

    Second… this accident is the equivalent of driving your car to the
    grocery store for milk and reving your car up to 60mph at the storefront
    and driving your car through the front of the store to the milk aisle. Even
    a person on his first day driving a car wouldnt do that, neither would a
    person the first day driving a train…

    Third… the buzzword that keeps popping up is Positive Train Control could
    have preventeted this… Positive Train Control is needed… how do news
    reporters and news anchors already have a solution before the investigation
    is complete and how is the solution already unanimous? PTC is a
    computerized system which requires the operator to check in with a computer
    that consistently tells the operator what to do next. Its one step closer
    to having a completely automated train. I think they want that as the next
    step, then automated trucks (which are already invented), then automated
    cars (which are already invented). Imagine if you couldnt go anywhere
    without all your travel data being logged and sent to an database. Imagine
    if you couldnt decide to not pull over your car. Imagine if you couldnt
    decide to lock your doors and not comply. I think automated trains are the
    first step in that direction.

  • Catherine McCandless

    What about the guy driving the train , where is he.!!????

  • Catherine McCandless

    Was no one driving or what.?????

  • Heraldo Riviera

    stop!! Which expert declared over crowding?? Why is this news person saying

  • Quaerendo Invenietis


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