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Jetblue MINT BUSINESS CLASS New York To Los Angeles|Airbus 321-200

Jetblue MINT BUSINESS CLASS New York To Los Angeles|Airbus 321-200
Jetblue MINT Review New York to Los Angeles

Jetblue MINT New York to Los Angeles Business Class

Jet Blue Mint Business class is definitely one of the best cross country business class cabins I have flown in. Jetblue Mint in my view offers a better quality business class cabin than United First, Delta one and Virgin America Business class.

Overall a fantastic Business Class product.
Jet Blue Mint Business Class Review, featuring JetBlue Flat Bed private suite.

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Jetblue Flight 23
Depart : New York (JFK)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 7:00am (Actual 7:30am)
Arrival Time : 9:08am (Actual 9:47am)
Airbus A321 W/Mint Cabin
Seat : 2A (Suite)
Flight Time 5h 16m
Meal Service : Breakfast

For a full detailed trip report of Jetblue Mint Business Class people click the following link.

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  • Show Comments (31)

  • NY 48n2

    My whole family has flown American Airlines and TWA back in day the for years but I tell ya JetBlue is really a great airline I fly to Los Angeles from JFK to visit family and never had a bad experience

  • Angel Peguero

    jetblue is the best

  • electrogeek77

    I miss JetBlue – I flew them whenever I could back in Boston, but we don’t have them in Indianapolis.

  • JC Baily

    Great video…I am impressed with Jet Blue’s first class service…thanks for showing your food/beverage service.

  • VegasGirl35

    Very cool. I like the concept of choosing several small plates and the berry appetizer was a refreshing change from the usual mixed nuts. Well done, JetBlue.

  • Hayden B

    Only $800 dollars one way for that flight

  • Green And Orange Line Productions

    Simply amazing!!! I wish that they would fly these things from Tampa to Boston!!!

  • Level Up

    Is this the best way to fly on JetBlue?

  • Yogesh Sakhardande

    How much did u pay

  • Yogesh Sakhardande

    how many points

  • Yogesh Sakhardande

    how would u rate the experience from 1 to 10

  • Nathaniel Smith

    DOOOOOOOPE. Go get it jet bleezy

  • Emily Hart

    Great video. Looking forward to trying out the mint suite when I’m over in the states next. I had to chuckle at the mixed barriers though, sorry! 🙂

  • Averett Diakhate

    better than delta lol

  • Esoteric Desi

    JetBlue have a very good future if they keep  up w/ their upgrades… not a bad business class at all… 😛

  • plutorama

    Thanks for posting this. I saw this option when booking my ticket and wondered what exactly the experience entailed in earnest. I’m a bit on the fence about it, all things considered. On the one hand, nice to feel special and stretch out. On the other hand, i’d be thinking I’ve paid for it all, because the difference between it and flex is about 3-4 hundred dollars. I would want this on long-haul international flights in excess of 7 hours, though. Too bad they only go into the Caribbean and Mexico as of now.

  • Robert Lewis

    Is Terminal 5 all JetBlue or something?

  • Raymundus Martini

    I hope they start flying to Europe soon…I’ll pick JetBlue over any national carrier…Love JetBlue …

  • Jeff Thompson

    How did u depart at 7:45 and land 9:47 and have 5h 16 min flight time???

  • Panda :D

    How much for it?
    $900 ?
    And is their only single cabins/suites
    And, Amazing video goes to my “Aircraft” playlist

  • jlaforteza81

    Looks like a sweet ride!

  • Cressida Person Thing

    was the rooftop exclusive to mint passengers?

  • Urban Essence

    JetBlue is the best flight company in the world. I missed my flight from Los Angeles to New York because my rented car broke down. They were very sympathetic: and offered me another flight within the next hour without any extra charge. What a wonderful company. I also hear that employees are happy to work there. You can tell by how the company treats its employees.

  • Sky’sTheLimit87

    I was in the same gate just a week ago!

  • Clorox Bleach

    Hey, at least these guys don’t drag you off the plane, they design and build better seats for ya

  • Stowed Stuff Daily Vlogs

    MINT is amazing!

  • ckeanu2

    That is soo nice. 🙂

  • NVHSChadSheppard1

    I flew JetBlue yesterday morning from Orlando to Newark. They’re definitely a better airline than AA

  • Biggie Cheese

    I visit New York every Christmas on jetBlue and never once have I had a bad experience with them.

  • Lyle Malinao

    Only $1,000? That’s CHEAP for first class.

  • LittenIsLit

    I’m going to Los Angeles very soon so I’m really excited 😀

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