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Japan Airlines JAL BUSINESS CLASS Tokyo To New York

Japan Airlines JAL BUSINESS CLASS Tokyo To New York
The Mongolia videos have finally come to an end… 🙁
I’m still dreaming about riding horses xD

Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! bit.ly/2v8pbow

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♫Inuuro & Zimpzon – Air

♫Before I sleep by Muciojad

♫don’t leave me here alone by Artificial.Music

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  • Mikey Chen

    Hiiiii lots of questions on here so I will respond to some 🙂 lots of people asking about ANA vs JAL and I have to say that although I did like JAL, I feel that ANA is better, slightly better food and better, more personalized service. One thing tho, I LOVED the order whatever you want menu feature in JAL, just click whatever you want on the hand held food genie and food just shows up, THAT’S THE DREAM!

    And yes my videos are a bit..well a lot delayed cause I have to film everything and then the editing begins. So at this point, I am back from Singapore and did not go to Malaysia unfortunately because I have work back here in NY.

    I will be doing a video on how I afford to travel soon and as for those who say this flight is sponsored…I will GLADLY accept a sponsored flight so I can review it(still honest opinion no matter what) but unfortunately every flight I have been on and reviewed on this channel so far, I have paid for out of my own pocket which is why I havent done first class reviews lately cause it just cost so much! If I do get flight sponsors in the future I will, of course, make that known.

    Thanks for watching!!

  • LiftedSlayer

    Mikey you can make organic fly/mosquito repellent that’s like lavender, rosemary and lemon essential oils + water (don’t quote me on the essential oils but it’s something like that!)

    Peace brother! 🤙

  • Fernando Marrero

    Dude you look like Jackie Chang

  • Shane Giles

    The window seats are better we flew business class

  • Brian Martinez

    I love watching your videos!!!! They’re so nice and thank you for bringing us ( The Viewers ) with you on this beautiful journey (:

  • Mary Reynolds

    I cracked up..”The piece of cucumber balanced everything out.” lmao

  • santyclos

    Hi Mikey is ANA better than JAL or the opposite?

  • Ec Mendoza

    you look like Jackie Chan , awesome travel and food vlog , keep it rollin’

  • Juzzy Puzzy

    My favorite video because the food looks really good and JAL businesses class

  • Happy Traveller

    Hi Mikey, visit the Philippines soon. We have pristine beaches and delicious food, too.

  • Agnes W

    Hi Mikey, do you actually eat everything you order? I’m really impressed with how your stomach can hold all this food if you do.

  • EliteWafflesTV

    10:54 seriously Calvin!

  • Sakura Moon

    Mongolia 💖

  • KoriZa Ferret

    My kitten and I watch your videos when we can’t sleep. Now we can’t sleep AND I’m hungry.

  • Kas Has No Bias Cuz You All Beautiful

    10:54 “Seriously, Katherine” that is great i am ded

  • Nyum Nyum

    Your face like Jackie Chan

  • Wonka70

    I wish I had your income so I could do all the things you do. I’m really jealous- especially when you hit all the cool seafood places in different countries.

  • S Blacksmith

    ahhh yes… that piece of cucumber totally saved ya LOL Ohhh goodness!!! hahahaha

  • Kazanna 12488

    This makes me want to travel. Too bad it’s so expensive

  • No Scope

    What’s the song at 10:20 ish called?

  • MissSushipunk

    that wipe magic trick looks extremely dangerous for tourists who think is just an alka seltzer

  • NonsensicalVids

    5:41 WW2 rations had those 😛

  • VP miles Business and first class

    Soon I will be travel business class with Jal your channel was helpful! Oh you look so much like Jackie Chan 😀✌🏻

  • The Lightning Kicker


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