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Innovative Dentist Expands To New Jersey

OKC Dentist Opens Practice In New Jersey

Oklahoma City Dentist Expands To New Jersey

New Jersey residents have something to smile about, there is a new cosmetic Dentist in town that will be opening a second location right here in New Jersey. We spoke to Dr. Schmidt about the decision to open a secondary practice on the East coast after establishing his practice in Oklahoma City.

The Doctor went on to say: “My wife has family in New Jersey and we visit frequently, so it only made sense that when we expanded our practice from Oklahoma that we chose an area of the country that we spent a lot of time.”

OKC Dentist Opens Practice In New JerseyReflections Dental Care employs the most sought after Dentists OKC has to offer and they don’t plan on leaving to join the team in New Jersey. Reflections Dental Care will begin the application process for new hires in January of 2018. Dr. Schmidt will be looking for qualified dental assistants in or around Newark and preferably graduates of Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.  New graduates will be required to intern before being hired on at the new practice. Reflections Dental Care will also be looking for Dentists and Orthodontists to join the New Jersey practice.

The new facility will be the first to offer orthodontics in addition to general dental care. The facility looks to employ at least 10 staff members to start and will have 8 dental chairs for patients. Included in the new facility are flat screen TV’s above the dental chairs to entertain patients as they receive their dental cleanings and ortho-treatment. Also featured will be built-in Bluetooth headsets in the dental chairs that will allow patients to sync up their mobile devices and listen to their own music while undergoing cleanings and general dental care.

The waiting room will feature flat-screen TVs and an interactive gaming system for children. One of the biggest problems they have experienced at the Oklahoma Office is keeping children entertained in the waiting area. As parents or siblings receive cleanings and fillings, those children waiting become restless and can become a distraction to others in the lobby. Installing an interactive gaming system that offers educational trivia in the waiting room is a huge bonus for any dental practice looking to entertain young people as they wait.

New Jersey is excited for the arrival of Reflections Dental care and the employment opportunities they bring with them during this expansion. Students of Rutgers School of Dental Medicine will have yet another opportunity locally to intern and get employed.

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