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High Speed New Jersey Chase

High Speed New Jersey Chase
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Police have released dash-cam video of a dramatic police chase in New Jersey this week. The chase spanned across three major highways, finally coming to an end when the suspect got stuck in traffic. The car reached speeds of over 100mph but miraculously no one got hurt, and the suspect has now been arrested.

(Video strictly for news/educational purposes).

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  • Sandy Da Silva Oliveira

    Give him 25 to life for putting in danger all those people’s lives!

  • wallhoon

    I understand now what anticlimactic really means..

  • Brandon S

    3:50 van cops gg

  • Douglas Harbert

    That cop could have put him in the wall or got ahead of him and slammed on his brakes anytime he wanted to. I would have. I could have easily ended that chase 10 seconds into it.

  • Blackhawk012

    I can only imagine the guy sitting right behind where all the cops took him down thinking to himself. “This isn’t going to help traffic.”

  • Jody Galvan

    That was beast

  • The2ndKombat

    Need for Speed : Most Wanted

  • The2ndKombat

    Where is the chopper? No car can hide or outrun a chopper.

  • junaid salih

    WTF, Thanks GOD no accedents

  • Masterkinghuis

    This guy should get GTR.

  • DaggazZ

    It would be so much more entertaining if instead of using spike strips the cops stood with bazookas

  • Ubiratan Damasceno

    Dá gosto ver uma polícia bem treinada para esse tipo de ação, além de possuir ferramentas adequadas para tal (Viaturas potentes). A estratégia é usar a vantagem que a polícia tem em número, comunicação e equilíbrio para cercar o fugitivo sem precisar disparar nenhum tiro. O fator psicológico nesse caso é primordial, pressão psicológica no fugitivo mantendo sempre a pequena distancia dele até ele ver que o melhor é desistir.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    They tell us to pull to the right when flashing lights approach. Where I live, it’s the law. It’s confusing to see cop cars passing traffic, fully lit, at those speeds….on the right. I’m just” sayin’

  • David Myers

    why are cops putting people in danger with a high speed chase just so they can get their adrenaline fix.

  • Giovanni Famulari

    starting the chase like a boss, ending the chase like an asshole!

  • George Jones

    That’s Team work. Good job troops.

  • Gregg Goss

    ChrisG, couldn’t have said it any better. Goes right along the jack-offs who say ” oh don’t fight back, just give them what they want and you won’t get hurt. Americans need to find your balls again after being castrated by the current dictator in this country.

  • Jesus Christ

    That cop had some balls chasing in the opposite direction! He couldn’t see what was coming his way…

  • tai hung Au

    Need for Speed IRL ends in a traffic jam

  • Dallas

    That trooper never gave him a inch.

  • scdevon

    In the good old days (before cameras and a loose lawsuit environment) this dude would have gotten some serious stick time or worse. That’s no joke.
    “What happened to him”?
    “He fell down the stairs”……….

  • george w

    That cop was a hound dog !! Top notch pursuit sir!

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