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Heroin Vigilante: VICE News Tonight on HBO (Full Segment)

Heroin Vigilante: VICE News Tonight on HBO (Full Segment)
John Cramsey appeared in court Thursday. Last June, New Jersey police pulled him over outside the Holland Tunnel with a cache of weapons inside his car. Cramsey told the cops that he was an anti-heroin activist, and that he was going to Brooklyn to save a young girl from a drug den. The cops arrested him anyway. Vice News went to meet Cramsey a few weeks after his supporters bailed him out.

Read: “We visited a hidden poppy field the Sinaloa Cartel uses to produce heroin” – http://bit.ly/2jnKV93

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  • Show Comments (36)

  • Cryptic Electric

    typical fat retarded muricans

  • Maha Marketing

    so why isn’t he chasing pharmaceutical reps

  • chris B

    America time to wake up.

  • Baron Mike Mangini

    I used to shoot at higher ground. People were nice.

  • Kris MCD

    He should be looking upstream. The real issue is the over prescription of

  • notafat123

    LoL i will never know how ppl try Heroin LUL

  • Speshal K 987

    Being from the Lehigh Valley it’s truly sad seeing all of these drugs
    flowing in here and ruining lives. 10 years ago this place was pristine and
    a nice community and for the most part still is. But now you always see
    stories like this coming from cesspools like Allentown. All i hear about
    now is people OD’ing on heroine or meth labs fucking exploding. It’s just a
    sad sad time

  • oom sakkie

    this is one big sausage fest


    H E R O O F T H E I M P E R I U M

  • Tom Lehrer

    full segment is an oxymoron

  • timedsauce

    We need to fund him

  • Bazooka Rick

    I believe his ex-wife. If he was really about it thered be far less

  • john weaver


  • John Wolf

    Meanwhile alcohol still kills more people per year than all illegal drugs
    COMBINED. Cigarettes kill even more than that. Does that mean I can go into
    a bar room and shoot the owner? According to the neanderthal in this video
    it is ok. Even his family hates him

  • Open Mic Night

    The only thing that will stop the opiate problem in this nation is by
    deregulating doctors, stop blaming doctors and throwing them in jail when
    some idiot takes too much medicine, and then allow people who are addicted
    to obtain smaller doses of the drug from a pharmacy when they need it and
    in a controlled fashion.

    This way, no one has to steal to get it because the price will plummet,
    there won’t be people killing others due to non-payment, and people can
    finally get enough breathing room to lean how to fix themselves.

    This should also work with heroin. The government should have locations all
    across the US where people can obtain pure heroin in small doses so they
    can fight off being dope sick.

    Couple that with free rehab programs and you’ll see less deaths, less
    crime, and more appreciation.

    But – that will never happen because that actually makes sense.

  • Rayford Carpathia

    We need more people like John Cramsey. If he helps even one person overcome
    their addiction, then he can get all the glory he wants for all I care.

  • Shan “Aron75” Santee

    He should blame drug prohibition for his daughters death,if it were legal
    she would of gotten cleaner dope and would be alive today,it’s not hard to
    figure it out just look back how people were dying drinking bad booze BC of
    alcohol prohibition,when there is a huge demand humans will seek anything
    no matter what and this is the result you get.

  • Admiral Percy

    This isn’t news.

  • Dylan Cardenas

    This guy is a fucking idiot, he’s going to end up killing someone innocent
    because he is offering $$$ to who ever turns in dealers, so yeah thats
    smart to offer junkies cash to turn someone in to get shot, cuz junkies
    never lie………..

  • Zakattack577

    Yes lets listen to the ex wife, she always is a reliable and unbiased

  • RViscara

    Dog the bounty hunter does the same thing they give him a tv show for 12
    years and he makes a ton of money. Because it’s New Jersey and he has real
    guns that’s more scary then heroine. Liberals

  • Damion Mealing

    When will this be shown in the UK?


    Dumb ex-wife.

  • wimmisky

    Because it’s the fault of the person that sold her the drugs, not the
    responsibility of the person that chose to buy them and use them /s.

  • frottery

    Did Vice ever investigate his relationship with his daughter that caused
    her to first go to heroin and secondly distance herself from him?

    He seems like he’s overcompensating for his lack of presence before she

  • Brian

    Killing the dealers woud just make place for another dealers to come. If
    they are stupid enough to sell heroin, they are stupid enough to not be
    afraid of a guy with 50 automatic war weapons. So, stop believing he’s
    gonna change something. He’s just putting today’s dealers in jails so that
    there would be place for the ones to come. And this is a major problem with
    the drugs market. You simply can’t destroy it with force.

  • shiz777

    When the police are too weak and incompetent to do shit…vigilantes will

  • Chocolatier

    His daughter was gorgeous. So sad..

  • acerba

    I like this guy.

  • french truck driver

    Only reason why its so bad is because its illegal, make it legal same as
    APAP is small amounts. Regulate it, so these dealers don’t get the cash and
    these poor victims get the right dose (its their choice legal or illegal).

  • Kron Hertz

    I want his job.
    I bet he kicks down the doors of suspected drug dents and clears room with
    a shotgun/rifle.

  • Ghaleon Lord of Darkness

    America LOVES to play the victim. “It’s the pills fault” No it’s YOUR
    fault. It’s a choice! Don’t be fucking retarded. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philip Johnson

    Damn, his daughter’s pretty hot. Or was, I guess…

  • Audial Asphyxiation

    What’s not mentioned in this report is that his daughter was found to have
    overdosed on mix of heroin *and* Fentanyl. Both drugs were found in her
    system. If any of you have seen the Vice documentary on Fentanyl then you
    already know how deadly it can be.

  • The C

    Real life Travis Bickle

  • Gregg Sonic

    Amazing how the war in Afghanistan brought the price of heroin down and how
    the drug was more freely available than ever before after the invasion. Go

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