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Governor Christie on FOX & Friends Provides Update on Hurricane Sandy

Governor Christie on FOX & Friends Provides Update on Hurricane Sandy
Governor Christie on FOX & Friends Provides Update on Hurricane Sandy, 10-30-2012. (Transcript Below)

“This has been a devastating storm as many projected that it would be here in New Jersey. I mean New Jersey probably took in the neck worse than any other state. It made land fall here in New Jersey and our Jersey Shore is devastated. We have almost no power in the city of Newark because of the tidal surge up the Raritan and Newark Bays that took out five different electrical substations. 2.4 million households in New Jersey without any power today. We have a berm that was overwhelmed in Moonachie. We’re doing urban search and rescue for hundreds of people in that town that’s been flooded. Urban search and rescue last night in Sayreville, New Jersey and in Middlesex County because of the tidal surge in the Raritan Bay. This is really something.”

Gretchen: What can you tell us about Atlantic City because I know…you had said, “Look, I am warning everybody there: get out”. The mayor there had sort of a different message.

“Yeah listen, my job as governor first and foremost is to protect the health and safety of the people of this state and that’s why I ordered an evacuation of the Barrier Islands including Atlantic City, well ahead of the arrival of the storm. I’m disappointed that that order wasn’t completely complied with and I have great sympathy and concern for the folks who are still trapped in Atlantic City. We’re in the midst of doing urban search and rescue on them right now. We’ve rescued a number of folks already this morning and we will continue to do that all day today.”

Steve: Is there any possibility that Governor Romney may go to New Jersey…?

“I have no idea nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I’ve got a job to do here in New Jersey that’s much bigger than Presidential politics and I could care less about any of that stuff. I’ve a job to do. I’ve got 2.4 million people out of power, I’ve got devastation on the Shore, I’ve got floods in the Northern Part of my state, if you think right now I give a damn about Presidential politics then you don’t know me.”

Brian: Are you asking for help from other states at this point? If people are watching from a state that is not affected, is there a place for them to go if they have the skills you need?

“Sure, we are getting a lot of help. Governor Daniels from Indiana sent us 22 fully staffed ambulances to help us move folks out of hospitals that needed to be evacuated. I can’t thank Governor Daniels enough. Governor Walker’s provided assistance to us as well. And if there is some who wants to volunteer to help we have a line setup for that; its 1-800-Jersey7. That’s 1-800-Jersey7 if you want to volunteer to help we could certainly use your help just call that hotline and we have people there to coordinate that.”

Steve: Along the Hackensack River up around Moonachie and Carlstadt… What else can you tell us about what happened over there?

“Well there’s no levee there it is a natural berm that held back water from the Hackensack River. What happened was that because of the tidal surge into the Bay up in the northern part of the state that surge caused a surge of water in the Hackensack River which caused it to overcome that natural berm and that’s what caused the flooding in Moonachie and Little Ferry. And we are in the midst of urban search and rescue in Moonachie right now. We started last night and we’re continuing today and we’ve already saved hundreds of people and had them sheltered at safe places in Bergen County. So we are in the midst of doing that, we’ll get it done and we’ll save those folks and we hope to have no loss of life. …All those people that are on top of their mobile homes or are in the second floor of their homes in Moonachie or Little Ferry either they have been rescued or are in the process of being rescued now. We have our urban search and rescue teams there and they’re moving as quickly as they can and as safely as they can.

Steve: We understand that the President has declared New York and New Jersey disaster areas already, how does that help you?

“It helps us tremendously. I spoke to the President three times yesterday, he called me for the last time at midnight last night asking me what he could do I said if he could expedite designating New Jersey as a major disaster area that that would help us get federal money and resources in here as quickly as possible to help clean up the damage here. The President was great last night he said he would get it done. At 2 AM I got a call from FEMA to answer a couple of final questions and then he signed the declaration this morning. So, I have to give the President great credit he has been on the phone with me three times in the last 24 hours, he has been very attentive and anything that I have asked for he’s gotten to me. So, I thank the President publicly for that, he has done as far as I am concerned a great job for New Jersey.”

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  • Old Man

    You conservative idiots want tolerate anyone saying anything positve about
    President Obama. Your lack of intelligence will only allow you to make wild
    and unfactual statements about our president. “Obamo the clown” really? I
    hope you didnt destroy your only brain cell coming up with that. If you did
    that would only make you qualified to become the republican nominee for
    president of the united states.

  • 327madhatter

    My respect for Chris Christie rose significantly after this. (And this is
    coming from a Democrat). He worked with the president, a guy he doesn’t
    like, because that was the best thing to do for his state. He even gave
    Obama credit where credit was due, even though that wasn’t in the GOP’s
    interest and even though he must have known it might easily come back to
    haunt him. Not every politician, regardless of their party, would do that. 

  • perplexDone

    One of the few republicans with principles and decency.

  • Steven Sperling

    Equally, some could say that Christie could benefit from this: if Obama
    does even decent as a president, Christie could certainly seek the
    nomination for republican presidential candidate in 2016 and likely win on
    a campaign of bipartisanship. Of course, I guess this comes down to whether
    you think the two parties can agree and work together to do the right
    thing. And that’s up in the air!

  • Nick Freda

    2:32 Christie for President 2016!!!!!

  • TheSuperDoxxer3

    ROFL, I saw a poll asking if Christie is a traitor to the GOP party for his
    praise of Obama and over 90% of people said he wasn’t. Whatever criticism
    he’s been getting from conservatives has been blown out of proportion.

  • TimpaniMitch

    Chris, thank you for doing the right thing. I really wish that people up
    there evacuate and stay safe, because I don’t care, pro-life, pro-choice,
    you are the right kind of person. Pro-humanity. Thank you, and I wish
    Jersey the best of hope from arizona.

  • Arthur Smith

    Way blown out of proportion. Republicans love him. Especially after this.

  • Ryder Spearmann

    I hear people saying “he worked with the president”. I’d REALLY like to
    know what the hell that actually means. Standing around TALKING together in
    a photo op? Wrapping up then Obama goes back to campaigning? Work? Christie
    is a good guy. He makes an effort, BUT: He is responsible for the shortages
    there, by threatening prosecution to anyone bringing in needed goods like
    fuel and food, at prices above “normal”, even though NOTHING is normal
    after a disaster. What the HELL is he thinking? 

  • Ryder Spearmann

    He shouldn’t be getting credit for touchy-feely crap like this. He is
    causing MASSIVE suffering. Thousands of people have been ready to bring
    fuel and generators and all other necessities directly INTO the center of
    the disaster, but Christie, in a misguided moment, told all those people
    that he would prosecute them, jail and fines, if they brought these things
    in with prices above what they were before Sandy. Now there are critical
    shortages because helping may mean jail time! What an Idiot

  • Anthony Jones

    gouging people is not help. You want to take from people who have nothing.
    That really sucks. Pray you never need help.

  • Ryder Spearmann

    Selling people what they need IS help. Standing in 6 hour lines for 2
    gallons of gas is screwing people over, as if their time meant nothing.
    It’s not gouging to get prices NECESSARY to solve problems, to ship in that
    generator over night, to call in that fuel truck from the next county, to
    hire that electrician to tie in that generator the moment it arrives. For
    those too selfish to pay for that level of service, even though they are in
    need, is sheer idiocy. Money talks, BS walks.

  • Ryder Spearmann

    And I know you’re not capable of rational thought, why? “From people who
    have nothing”??? Bullshit. “Having nothing” is not the issue. Those long
    lines of cars waiting for gas, you know they at least have money and cars!.
    So you’re just a liar. Sure, they are facing a difficult time, but you are
    just talking crap. If you have NOTHING then why the hell do you need gas?
    You would rather they can’t find what they need, than pay a little more for
    it. My God, you are a moron.

  • anthony cheesman

    ducey just got got douched lol 

  • clayton9m

    and I bet that was the last time Fox News talked to Chris Christie about
    that. Such pathetic people at fox news.

  • clayton9m

    You say that but you have no evidence of the obvious bias at MSNBC. Yes of
    course theyre biased to the left, Id be a liar to say they werent. But
    MSNBC does not flat out LIE or give MISINFORMATION. Sure they skew the
    argument but that is not the same as lying. 

  • clayton9m

    But still, Fox news was created first for the sole purpose of being an arm
    of the republican party and to misinform the people. MSNBC’s main purpose
    is to crush fox news, misinforming the people is just collateral damage. 

  • clayton9m

    I like how you announce “Ignored” like its some decree set in stone. Hahaha
    you fool, obviously too ignorant to have a conversation. Theres proof of
    Fox News’ bias on 4 times a week, its called the Daily Show. All their
    material is correcting the lies and bias Fox News spews out. But of course
    you dont watch that. Jon Stewart is a wingnut too right? hahahaha

  • symmetry08

    Primeval Wirlwind will be stronger and bigger. It will increase in
    frequencies and will move into new directions – into Europe. All humans on
    earth are responsible for this. Ignarance and indifference is the Core
    Cause of it. Nature has been trampled and now nature will blow back. 

  • Claudio Torres

    thank you christie…the only republican aside from Gingrich that gives me

  • Homayoun parnian

    In2006 they introduced a gentleman as a Hollywood agent. As They said on
    their program: The Hollywood agent was from california & was on his way to
    dallas to take the 2005MTV award winner to Hollywood & Introduce The MTV
    award winner to Movie directors like: James Cameron & Steven Spillberg &
    other directors. Same night we met this gentleman at the resturant. He
    grabed a drink & spoke to some one else at another table & left without
    saying a word. I believe he was dis Informed by those he met. 

  • Chris Christie

    I’m so awesome at fixing New Jersey

  • MadeMan

    In your face Steve Douche Bag,, this was priceless

  • Eric Oxner

    I couldn,t have said it myself.I like the looks on the faces of fox and
    fools.When i don,t care nor am i intersted.I have a job to do here.I HAVE 2
    something like this happened.Weuse to able to put aside bs.And help each
    other.I guss republicans only care about bringing obama down.

  • Eric Oxner

    And the hell with anybody else.Fuck the country and the people.We don,t
    care how many people lost their lives or homes or jobs.During the storm.

  • acejackson42

    Every single word he said from 5:30 on enraged the GOP more and more, to
    the point he’s now a party pariah. The governor of a state hit by a
    hurricane that causes billions in damage says the president has been great
    in his response, and that gets him ostracized. Think about that for a

  • ominous450

    Romney cost himself the election. Binders full of women, 47% of Americans,

  • nilts1975

    2:10 in. Eat sh*t Doocey!

  • Mo Adewunmi

    That was such a stupid question to ask and Doucey is a moron. The man’s
    state was in crisis. Why the fuck would Romney be of any concern to him?

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