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Gov. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump for president

Gov. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump for president
New Jersey governor says the best person to beat Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump

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  • 22midgley

    Blimey,Christie would turn up at a stick your hand in a beehive competition
    if he thought it get him into the head of paperclips office…oh hum.

  • huntercrawford10

    Christie is a coward. He knows trump isn’t good for this country, this is
    all about his personal greed and shows exactly what is fucked up about this

  • Trent Timoy

    Christie endorsing Gump is like Kirstie Alley passing on a box of glazed
    donuts. There’s a lot of fat here.

  • vdarte

    One fat pig standing up for another fat pig.

  • Kev Aquino


  • AKM5.45 USA

    Now the mainstream media is spreading propaganda and lies about Chris
    Christie. They have $75 million dollar set aside to spread Anti-Trump
    propaganda! What are they so afraid of? A man who will come to Washington
    and exposed the corruption and crimes that the establishment have been
    doing?? Good for Trump. We don’t have free press in America when the
    mainstream media propagates for the establishment. The mainstream media is
    run by propagandists trying to influence people for who they want to be the
    next president. That is the order that they have received from their
    masters. They are literary have a 24/7 marathon on anti-trump while they
    take it easy on Cruz and Rubio. Fuck the MSM and the establishment on both
    the democratic and republican side. Trump 2016!!!!

  • Lionroars89

    VOTE TRUMP 2016. This is my personal opinion and I am sure many will agree.

  • D Dell

    Trump should have denied Chris Christie’s endorsement. I don’t know how
    anybody can even look at this guys face. It’s like watching a pack of
    ground beef talk

  • Matthew Cole

    when we look back at this moment we will realize what jackholes we’ve been.
    I wonder what Trump will call his gestapo

  • GoodieGumDrop

    Hey Republican voters, when your frontrunner says publicly that the sight
    of his daughter gives him a hard on and that the only reason he doesn’t
    screw her is because she is his daughter, isn’t that eliminatory? Would you
    really want this kind of deranged jerk to become the top official of your

  • Luyang L (luyangliuable)

    Chris Christie held hostage by Donald Trump since 2010

  • hyroglyphx

    Absolutely sickening. These politicians will sell their soul for anything

  • Paul Dirac


  • TheRepublican2000


  • Luis Jauregui

    What a Little BITCH??

  • Joseph Landolfi

    Now another person is helping Donald Trump because he has been blinded by
    his fascist ideas

  • Honey Dubey

    Dumb & Dumber part 3.

  • George Kajisa


  • BetterThanEver

    Chris Christy: You are fired ! You are not fit for any public office
    because of Your obesity problem. Donald Trump should not allow Christy (a
    f-name) to further endorse him publicly !

  • BetterThanEver

    Christie should get a stomach-band first and loose at least 50 kg to start
    with !


    hahaha it looks like trump took christie hostage

  • SuperSaiyanPikmin

    Screw Chris Christie. He knew he and Jeb were going to lose so they pulled
    Rubio down with them.

  • Countmaster0

    Christy is kissing Trumps ass, he thinks he has a shot at running
    mate…You drug addict piece of shit, go fuck yourself you crooked

  • Spencer Boaz

    If Trump picks Christy he is stabbing us in the back on the 2nd Amendment .
    Christy is a piece of shit who has voted FOR gun control .


    Christie is all washed up. He caused this himself by his bully comments and
    how he treated the people of New Jersey. A bully never wins. Christie is
    now a political thing of the past. he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Tsnore

    Imagine Chris Chripie Cremes as AG for Frump? Frightening stuff folks!

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