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Going Solar In Phoenix Arizona

solar panels in arizona

Converting The Arizona Studio Into Solar

solar water heater in Phoenix AZ

We have decided to convert our Phoenix based digital media studio into a solar powered studio. The studio is used during the day, but closes in the afternoon. During the summer months the studio requires a lot of energy to cool the studio rooms while production is in process. The studio has many heat generating electronics that can heat up a room rather quickly including lights, cameras, computers, outboard gear, mixing consoles and more. Our dependency on air conditioning in the summer months is absolute and we needed to find a way to lower our power bill. We began looking online for solar companies in Phoenix AZ and found Pacific West Solar. We spoke with the owner for a lengthy amount of time and eventually decided that we wanted to use them to convert our hot water tank to a solar water tank. The conversion was rather simple, affordable, and it just made sense as we began to transition into solar energy. Arizona has sunshine 98% of the year, so taking advantage of solar electricity was a no brainer for us. Once we compared the expense of paying our utility bill every summer for the next 10 years to that of solar it was obvious the savings was going to happen over time and that we should start converting over to solar immediately. Buying into a solar hot water heater made sense, everyone washes their hands with hot water through the day, there is a kitchen where people prepare food and wash dishes with hot water, the employees drink hot tea, hot coffee, and other warm beverages. There is a demand for hot water even during the hot Arizona summer months.

There were other options to consider before buying into the solar hot water heater at Pacific West Solar. We found solar water heaters on Craigslist, Amazon, and Ebay. For the price and the personal touch of having the manufacturer local and able to provide solar water heater repairs promptly was also important for us. Solar companies in Arizona like Pacific West Solar are the type of companies we prefer to do business with. They were friendly, attentive, followed through, and have maintained communication after the sales and installation to make sure our solar water heater was working as we had expected. So far there has been no maintenance required and our hot water is as hot as it’s ever been.

solar installation company in Phoenix

Next on the solar agenda will be the installation of solar panels on our rooftop. You see a lot of residential and commercial properties in Arizona with solar panels attached to their rooftops. These panels convert the sunlight into energy that when converted can power your home or office. It’s our goal in the next 6 months to begin installing solar panels on the roof top of our production studio so that by the summer of 2019 we will be efficiently cooling our studios with renewable energy.

We will update this blog post as we convert more of the property to solar energy. 

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