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Ginny Simone Reporting | S6 E11: “New Jersey’s Web of Injustice”

Ginny Simone Reporting | S6 E11: “New Jersey’s Web of Injustice”
New Jersey just keeps adding to its tally of gun-control victims. The latest: Mia Higginbotham, whose crime was trying to legally transport her legally owned firearm out of the state. She and her husband researched the TSA rules and were following the instructions to the letter of the law. But in the blink of an eye, she found herself arrested — not charged with a federal crime, but charged with a second-degree New Jersey felony. As she fights the case, Higginbotham notes in this exclusive report from Ginny Simone that, “I’m one step below a murderer in the eyes of the New Jersey court.”

Watch more Ginny Simone Reporting on NRA News: http://www.nranews.com/series/ginny-simone-reporting

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  • clunkmess

    And i thought California was bad..

  • Walkerofdeepsleep

    This is disgusting. Moronic, petty losers who want to hurt a kind woman and
    her family to make themselves feel better so they can self-rationalize
    their illogical hatred of guns. That woman should be set free, given money
    for the BS shes been through, and all those who put her there should be
    jailed for the full 10 years for impersonating a police officer, Conspiracy
    against Rights, and trying to soil our Constitution with their warped BS to
    take money from hard working law abiding citizens. I bet criminals love the
    NJ court system that lets them frequently walk away with their crimes
    reduced to “first time” or “misdemeanor”.
    Heres a joke for you: the NJ justice system
    Another one on the house: a NJ judge, cop, prosecutor, and criminal sit at
    a bar and you can’t tell the difference between the four.

  • G Norwood

    Carol Browne-dead at the hands of an insensitive, disinterested

  • Tomhonda

    I wouldn’t trust a New Jersey official as far as I could throw him or her!

  • Brett Duffy

    Looking at jail time over a pellet rifle in New Jersey second and 3rd
    degree charge is not considered a firearm under federal law but New Jersey
    it is


  • Wallie L

    See, here’s the problem. In NJ you may transport a firearm through the
    state as long as you’re in transit to another state. The second that she
    said she was coming TO NJ though, she broke the law. The Firearm Owners
    Protection Act, no longer applies. Also, she should’ve used more common
    sense. It’s irrelevant where she purchased the pistol. When you keep a
    pistol in NJ longer than 24 hours, it needs to be legitimately REGISTERED
    and have a permit for each one you own, because you are now abiding by NJ

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