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Ginny Simone Reporting | S5 E13: “Justice in New Jersey?”

Ginny Simone Reporting | S5 E13: “Justice in New Jersey?”
Shaneen Allen was arrested and charged with illegally carrying a firearm in New Jersey, even though she legally owned the gun and had a concealed carry permit for it in Pennsylvania. The single mother of two young children spent 46 days behind bars and now, being denied a motion of dismissal or admission to a pre-trial intervention program, she is facing up to three and a half years in prison — all for what she readily admits was a honest mistake.

Watch more Ginny Simone Reporting on NRA News: http://www.nranews.com/series/ginny-simone-reporting

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  • MickBurkellc

    Should your LICENSE to carry be honored equally in every state the same as your LICENSE to drive? Absolutely. 
    That said, should she know the law where she is going? Absolutely. All you have to do is google it.

  • yossiea

    Just an FYI, in PA you do not need to let the police know you have a gun

  • xierxu

    No mistake at all. 


    there’s a reason why its called the armpit of america



  • DarkTrunksSSj3

    Im so glad I left that fucking garbage of a state

  • DarkTrunksSSj3

    Im so glad I left that fucking garbage of a state

  • Jeff Johnson

    Sounds like a good candiate for large gun loving organizations to get behind and take this to the highest court possbile. New Jersey should be ashamed. If the judge doesn’t dismiss the case and repremand the prosecutor then I hope the NRA and others will back her on appeal. Government needs to stop making people criminals.

  • Sean Hazard

    I’m a CC permit holder in Colorado.  The first thing I did before I travelled out of the state was to look at the Reciprocity list on the CBI website.  When did ignorance of the law become a defense?  As for the rest of what happened, New Jersey can eat a dick.

  • Stevil Reagan

    New Jersey. Isn’t Chris Christie (R?) the Governor?
    Chris Christie, who is the Chair of the Republican Governors Association?
    So the key take away is New Jersey and Gov. Christie are clearly happy to violate the Constitution of the United States.
    Best of luck to Ms. Allen, I hope some common sense prevails.
    Message to anyone who believes in a Constitutional Republic – get the hell out of the northeast.

  • James Smith

    At least she has Evan Nappen who is a very able attorney that knows NJ firearms laws.  He is actually representing a buddy who had is rights violated repeatedly while the police searched for his legal guns.  They held him for 18 hours threatening his life repeatedly!  When it came time to go to court they made sure he wasn’t able to see the judge. Without properly being charged he was held another three weeks before Mr. Nappen was able to have him released.  All that time they blocked his communication and approached him about a deal without his attorney.

    Even if you hate guns this type of behavior should angry anyone!  I know you can’t verify my story and I won’t release any more details, but this type of thing is happening more then you think.  Btw not that it matters my buddy is also black.

    It sickens me that could people like this are being put through hell for being a responsible citizen.

  • alex acosta

    that judge …..

  • Bigtyme


  • Stephen Edwards

    I would say everyone that supports 2A should boycott NJ until she is given a fair shake. Atlantic City is already hurting. They will change their stance when it starts hurting their tax base constituent jobs.

  • Michael De Jesus


  • Michael De Jesus

    God bless you Shaneen good luck !!!!!

  • Jason

    She broke the law. If she is going to carry a gun, it’s her responsibility to know the laws. Conservatives argue for states rights, but then want the federal government to step in when a state law doesn’t support their views.

    Let me be clear. I am a permit holder, a gun owner, a conservative. I am responsible for my own actions. I cannot claim ignorance if I break another state’s gun laws. It is my responsibility to know the laws before I cross state lines.

  • NightStalker03

    These ridiculous gun laws are one of the reasons Chris Christie will never be elected President!

  • JohnnyUtah71

    This is ASININE! This young lady was doing everything right as a law abiding citizen protecting her family.  New Jersey HATES freedom.  F this state.

  • CrazyPolishGuy1102

    New York also hates freedom. I want to escape this state .

  • BlackDeer Hunter

    Ah New Jersey the asshole of America. Please send a message by staying far away from that place, don’t spend money there don’t send money there. Tell family and friends stay the F away.

  • Jeff Pixelated

    New Jersey sucks…

  • MrMatt1138

    Excellent piece! The State of NJ needs to start acting like its a part if the U.S. and start following the Constitution it swore to uphold when admitted to this nation.

  • LordStickMax

    i live near philly. i hate NJ. its a thing when i have to go there.

  • Chantal Exposé

    Shame the sub-human so called “Judge”.. I bet you can find some things on him.. get her on a TV show, she is articulate & attractive, she will have a chance..!!

  • Ruppert Jenkins

    Whether this law is just or not, it is enough to make me  (1) donate money to this woman’s defense fund   and   (2) never spend another dime in NJ again, ever.

  • Andy H

    God bless this poor lady.  People need to LEAVE these COMMUNIST states in the Union of Soviet Socialist Amerika like The People’s Demokratik Republik of New Jersey, Taxachusetts, Kalifornia, and the others comprising the “Workman’s Paradise.”  A lady like this should be given probation for a first offense and/or diversion. OH what I wish I could post here!

  • Patriot93933

    What ever happened to the 2nd Amendment.  Freedom does not exist if the government will not honor our Constitution.

  • novaculus

    Beat your woman unconscious and then drag her senseless body out of the elevator, be charged with felony assault, and if you’re Ray Rice, Judge Michael Donio and DA Jim McClain will give you pre-trial intervention that will result in dismissal of these serious charges. Mistakenly thinking your valid PA carry license is good in New Jersey, and if you’re just a black woman trying to support your children these same two cretins will try to destroy your life, send you to prison for three years and split up your family. No pre-trial intervention for you, even though you harmed no one and appear to be no threat to anyone.

    Donio and McClain are either corrupt and were bought off by Ray Rice’s people, or they are engaging in a political prosecution. In either case they have proven themselves totally unfit to make decisions that effect people’s lives. The good people of New Jersey should be demanding the Office of Attorney Ethics and the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct investigate the outrageous abuses of discretion committed by these two reprehensible hacks.

  • Steve Holsten

    It’d be funny as Hell to see that Communist Judge have a few Bitch Slaps. The Tard knows nothing about our 2nd Amendment.

  • Pedro Pandoko

    The popo’s are NOT your friends remember that my friends.

  • Travis Powell

    I hope these glory seeking cops got fired. This is a shame.

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