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Flying Asiana Airline BUSINESS CLASS Seoul To New York

Flying Asiana Airline BUSINESS CLASS Seoul To New York
This was my first time flying Asiana Airways business class so check out my experience!

Equipment I use for filming:
Sony RX100 Mark V
Wide Angle Lens
Camera Mic:
Camera Lights:
Handheld Audio Recorder:

Facebook Show Page:
Facebook Mike Fan Page:
Snapchat: Mikeychenx
Periscope: Mikexingchen

~Send stuff at our PO Box!
Mike Chen
PO Box 610
Middletown, NY 10940

Joakim Karud

Evening by Zplit
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported– CC BY 3.0

Music provided by Audio Library

Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!

  • Show Comments (33)

  • Pablo Olmedo Jr

    You look like mixed Jap and Chinese

  • Kong Issa

    Heyy,When Do you came to Cambodia?🇰🇭

  • minako akira

    Im curious if you go to an expensive airplane or first class do you get to keep the headphone, and etc …… Just asking though

  • MikeSikly

    UR UR……. JACKIE CHANS TWIN BROTHER OMG…….Btw u look chinese

  • Mendra

    I’m here because I saw your video picture on the airplane and you are still eating ramen noodle 🍜 😆 😂
    They should have some hot oil for you to put into your noodle… 😆 👍🏼

  • Dennis Li

    你好 我是国庆

  • Random Things

    they all look the same iam not trying to be racist but personally i cant tell the difference

  • xXxBEASTxXx

    Cool Vid Bro…

  • J W


  • Jakesmith Vlogs

    Hey man your a really good youtuber you deserve millions of subscribers

  • Jakesmith Vlogs

    I think your normal not a mix


    i thing you eated the desert wrong way

  • Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

    Ah, Mikey, I wish I had met you when I was younger. I love rain and thunderstorms. I love food and I absolutely love meeting new and kind people.

  • TH962

    The Asian Casey Nesitat

  • Karim Balkajian

    You look like Jackie chan

  • Jūšt Jèśšįė

    I was born in Thailand

  • Hadi Islam

    He probably can’t get a date

  • lol really

    Honestly i think jackie chan become food vlogger 😂😂

  • Edwin Vincent

    you look asian

  • Jackie Mlo

    Ive been to that airport from vietnam the seoul to texas to North Carolina

  • Lyn

    Honestly, you look Chinese to me.

  • Pearl the rebel

    I think you look Filipino

  • 훼이크

    You. Look. Absolutely. Korean.

  • Lukasia

    I’m really not keen on aeroplane food D: thinking back to my past experiences and just the thought of it makes me want to throw up. Then again, I did sit in economy class each time… and then again, I get a little bit travel sick XD But oh god… that British breakfast. Nope, gonna hurl if I think about it anymore. Hope there actually is good aeroplane food like you said, Mikey.

  • Joby Iglesias

    he looks like the guy from sleeping dogs

  • Calum Wang

    you look more chinese

  • AYL Yi-Huh


  • Humberto Brandao

    not korean but very chinese

  • Tess Moorman

    I just discovered your videos and love them. I think you look like Jackie Chan, so I guess Chinese.

  • Happyface84 Aj

    Omg I totally agree on you with the thunderstorm thing

    Me: I feel so safe
    My friend: that what she said

  • Shadow blackheart

    Me too are you related

  • Andrew Grish

    i can say that he looks mongolian..

  • Gloria Kim

    You look Chinese

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