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Fishing For Big Spawning Snakeheads – New Jersey

Fishing For Big Spawning Snakeheads – New Jersey
Summer time is a great season to catch snakeheads. You can locate them spawning in slow moving waters where there is a lot of weeds. When the babies hatches, they will stay with them for days until they are big enough to scatter. during this time, the parents are very protective of their babies. you can locate these fish easily as you can see a lot of babies causing ripples on the water as they feed just below the surface. the parents are usually guarding them, blowing water so they can swim up to grab air etc. throw your favorite lures on there and hang on for a great fight.

I recommend at least a MH rod when fishing for them as you can be hooking on a big one!. I use the 13 fishing inception reel as it got 22lbs of drag. haul them in fast!

=====Fishing Gears=====
Rod: 13 Fishing Fate Black 7’1″ MH
Reel: 13 Fishing Inception Reel (22 lbs of DRAG)
Line: PowerPro Braid 30 lbs
Leader: Kast King – Mono Leader 20 lbs

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========Play Lists=========

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Music Info
Buddha by Kontekst
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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  • Rigo Sandoval

    This place produces well I go here all the time last time is was there I saw lots of snakeheads. Great video as always jimmy.

  • Michael Viscardo

    Awsome bro

  • Peter Konrad

    nice snakehead Jimmy. finally hit newton 2 Saturdays ago. got 3 bass and a bunch of crappies and sunnies. threw a lot of topwater but no luck on the snakeheads.

  • ryguy11794

    like the fish eye/ cover you have for the go pro- where can i get it?


    Super awsome! Man that water was green pea soup!Those snakehead fight hard!

  • meanimanni

    I’m here

  • meanimanni

    Hey Jimmy congrats bro!

  • Lorenzo Lopez

    nice one

  • David Paul Felix Rodriguez

    Hey , is Leo Sheng ok? He seems to have gone dark?

  • gameing on CLASH

    Can you send me a rod because my rod snapped ☹️

  • felixx441

    Any chance of getting together with Leo again from EPF to do some more collabs? Love seeing when some of you guys get together.

  • R H

    Nice catch and nice balance landing that huge sankehead while standing in the kayak.

  • Fishing Frenzy

    Yo jimmy come back to Florida so we can fish

  • NJ Fishing

    sweet I know where hisis : p anyways we have to fish soon

  • J. Gun Lee

    congrats brother. that’s a Dragon! hooooly smokes! haha

  • Mark Welch

    Nice job!! Where is a good spot for snakeheads and chain pickerals. Trying to work on my bucket list

  • The Dream Catcher

    thats amazing geez

  • Dave Deckard Fishing

    Nice thick one. Every try throwing spinnerbaits when the bite on topwater isnt good? They bend the crap out of them

  • Crappie Hippie

    what a chunk…nice going man…

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