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Extracting Natural Granite Stone From Quarries

How Is Granite Extracted From The Earth?

arizona minersMany of us see granite every day, in kitchens, entry ways, and other interior and exterior environments. Matching granite countertops and flooring is a trendy new way for homeowners to create more visual appeal in their living space. There are a few of the ways that granite is used, but how is it extracted from the earth and what happens after its processed into granite slabs?

Granite occurs naturally in the earth, it’s considered a variation of stone and comes in various colors and patterns. Granite is extremely durable which makes it ideal for highly trafficked surfaces. The stone itself is formed underground when magma from the earth’s core surfaces and cools, creating a plutonic rock. Granite is mostly made up of a mixture of quartz and feldspar, but is also known to contain traces of mica. Once it hardens, the stone becomes very hard making an ideal surface for homes and businesses. There are premier granite slabs that can be purchased from different parts of the world. Italian granite, Arizona granite, Mount Airy granite, Dolorite Dyke granite, and Marmi Bruno Zanet granite.

Extracting Granite From The Earth

When pockets of magma collect and cool, it’s not a puddle, it’s a massive pool, and it collects into a giant pocket that eventually cool and become granite. These large formations are often referred to as slabs. Depending on the company extracting the natural stone, the process could differ depending on the amount of stone being extracted. When these granite slabs are excavated from beneath the earth, they are cut into slabs in work areas referred to as quarries. The granite slabs get polished at that point, loaded onto transportation vehicles, and then hauled off to be fabricated into countertops, showers, flooring, and other features of the home or office. Those slabs are not the typical slab you might see at your local flooring store, these slabs they are mining for can weigh above and beyond 35 tons, some of the heaviest stones ever mined have been granite.

Tools Used To Extract Granite

Brazil minesThe process involves people, large vehicles for hauling, cranes, tractors, and other pieces of earth moving equipment. When mining other natural resources, it’s common for mining companies to blast the mine, excavate, and collect the resources. With natural stone, they need to dig these massive granite slabs out carefully so that they can be transported to the fabrication plant and turned into large pieces for countertops and shower enclosures.

Granite As A Natural Resource

Granite has gained popularity over the years as more people have upgraded their kitchens and bathrooms with granite surfaces. This demand has generated more jobs for granite miners, and given more homeowners the opportunity to add granite as a feature in their home. Granite is quickly becoming a main feature in many homes across the country.


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    Availability, locations of quarries in the world (due to transportation expenses), the rarity of the color, and the amount of labor required to extract the stones all affect the price of natural stone. Higher price doesn t mean higher quality. All natural stones that Kootenay Granite carries, regardless of price, are of the same high quality.

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