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How To Get Your Dogs Health in Check

Your dogs health is a priority I’m sure but how much do you know about what’s going on inside Fido’s body? While their systems closely resemble ours they are completely different in the things they can tolerate and thrive from. While we can get away with eating a whole pizza, it could be fatal to a small sized dog and yet they can eat an entire whole chicken and not think twice… Before you put your dog on the highest setting of your doggie treadmill, finish reading this article and I promise you’ll know how to better help your dog.

Dog dieting tips | Getting your dog back in shape | Blue Cross

https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/getting-your-dog-back-shape-and-losing-weightPeople are getting fatter – and it is affecting our pet’s health as well. We love our pets and like to give them the little indulgences that we enjoy, so pets are gaining weight too. And we like our pets to be “well-rounded” – most pet dogs have considerably more body fat than dogs in the wild, but wild and feral dogs are often closer to the way a fit dog should look.

Being overweight can have lasting consequences and can even be fatal. Studies have shown that overweight dogs do not live as long and are more prone to illnesses that spoil their quality of life, such as arthritis, breathing difficulties, heart problems and diabetes. There is a genuine risk of killing your pet with kindness.

The way the body works changes considerably in overweight animals. Once an animal is overweight, the working speed of the body slows and they are less active so they do not need to eat much to maintain their weight. It is rare for medical problems to cause obesity in dogs. Read more…

In some cases it’s not a diet issue at all. Our dogs are just like us and even more than we previously thought. With skin allergies, designational track issues and gluten intolerance, your dog isn’t that different than your great aunt Thelma! But the truth is that there is a high likelyhood that if your dog is irregular or even showing signs of aggression that it’s not a mental issue, rather a physical distress. For more information about dog health accessories visit Page Flakes – Animal Rescue Site

My Dog Is Bloated – Dog Bloat or Twisted Stomach – Banfield Pet Hospital

http://www.banfield.com/pet-health-resources/pet-health-concerns/emergency/dog-bloatIf your dog is trying to vomit, but can’t, appears hunched over and won’t get up, or has a tight, hard abdomen when touched, you need to contact your veterinarian right away, as these are potential signs that your dog may have bloat.

Also known as gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) or a twisted stomach, bloat is a serious medical condition and can be fatal if not addressed immediately. My Dog Is Bloated – Dog Bloat or Twisted Stomach – Banfield Pet Hospital



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