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Digital Marketing For Businesses

Why Digital Marketing Can Make A Difference For Small Businesses

Many people ask the question, what’s the difference between a traditional marketing agency and a digital marketing agency. While there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer, and not all right answers apply to everyone, there are some pretty solid fundamental aspects to marketing that might separate an agency that specializes in digital marketing from one that focuses on traditional marketing strategies. 

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing companies, really anyone marketing pre-internet, will specialize in various areas of the marketing world. There is print, television, billboard, radio, mailers, and what some call Guerrilla Marketing. These are all marketing strategies that are still in use today and that many businesses rely on to acquire a new customer. There are traditional media buying companies like Richardson Media Group in Boston that specializes in buying radio and television ads for local companies in Boston Massachusetts. 

• Print

This form of marketing usually refers to an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. Print forms can be included in any publication that is printed and distributed for consumer consumption. 

• Television

Television advertisements may be local or national spots. Depending on the time of day these programs are aired, these can be affordable options late in the evening, or extremely expensive during primetime hours. As many know, television spots during sporting events like Super Bowl commercials can fetch millions of dollar for a 60-second spot. 

media buying Boston

• Billboards

Billboard advertisements can be seen all over your city and state. Some of these are local advertisements while others are national brands. It’s very common to see legal advertisements on billboards. The freeways are littered with these types of advertisements for automotive accidents and injury.

• Radio 

Traditional radio advertisement was once a primary channel for the advertising business. This is still very effective, but the amount of listeners tuning in to traditional radio is down more than ever. There is definitely still a demographic that tunes into traditional radio, but if you want to tap into a younger audience you will need to consider satellite radio and other streaming alternatives. 

• Mailers

Mailing out physical postcards and envelops can be expensive. This is still an effective way to promote your business or product, but again this should be reserved for certain demographics that are more likely to open the mailer and respond. Direct mail marketing is still a great way for local businesses to drive brand awareness. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

In the digital era, more businesses are looking to the internet to deploy marketing campaigns across various platforms. There is so much to offer online that it should either become a primary focus for smaller companies, or an additional form of advertisement for all companies. Corporate America has not ignored the potential that digital marketing offers, but smaller businesses that lack the understanding and the resources to effectively market online are falling behind their competitors. Digital Marketing experts like SDARR Studios have found innovative ways to market themselves online on a B to B level that has attracted some of Arizona’s biggest companies. Email marketing, SEO, social media, video marketing, and Pay Per Click campaigns are all effective avenues to explore when considering digital marketing. 

• Email Marketing 

While this is much more affordable than direct mail marketing, it should be known that emails often end up in spam filters, and are even deleted often before even being read. You should never spam, instead, build a qualified mailing list and email those that have expressed interest in your products or services. Using email campaign tools like MailChimp allow you to keep track of subscribers and campaigns. 


seo strategies for small businessSearch Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to get your website noticed online. This process is a long haul effort that requires patience and a budget. Most SEO campaigns should be set-it and forget-it campaigns for the business buying into the service. It can take 6 months to a year before a business might begin to see the rewards of SEO. However, once optimized for search, you can reap the rewards for years to come. Organic SEO is still considered the highest converting form of Search Engine Marketing, be sure to hire an SEO expert to maximize results.

• Social Media Marketing 

This is a very unique opportunity for businesses to create audiences for their products and services. Social Media Marketing may consist of marketing through many different social platforms like Facebook and Twitter for example. Image sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are also very popular. Understanding your audience, which platform they are on, and how they respond to content will make or break your social media campaigns. 

• Video Marketing

While we could have listed this under Social Media, we have left it as its own form of marketing. Youtube is a great example of a social media content sharing platform that is great for business and individual use. There are monetization opportunities that exist and it’s a great platform to use for the distribution of video content. Companies continue to specialized in these Youtube campaigns, making their clients extremely happy with the influx of traffic that resulted from the video campaigns. 

• Wiki Articles

Some digital marketing agencies specialize in some ver niche specific services like writing and managing Wiki articles for businesses. Beutler Ink has positioned themselves online and one of the premier Wiki writers in the business. They are highly trusted by the businesses that have used their Wiki writing and publishing services. This is another opportunity for businesses to get featured online on a well trusted platform.

• Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is a great way for businesses to get instant traffic. Having a system set up to funnel that traffic and convert them into customers is a strategy that needs to be fine-tuned along the way. A good PPC manager can measure success utilizing the tools Google provides for tracking and managing the PPC campaign. There are other non-Google PPC opportunities out there, there are also Pay Per Impression advertising strategies that are available.

When considering traditional marketing over digital marketing you should understand that it’s not one or the other, but rather something that should be campaigned in conjunction with each other to maximize marketing dollars and get the results your businesses require to succeed in an ever chaining digital world. 


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