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Democrats Win Gubernatorial Races In Virginia, New Jersey

Democrats Win Gubernatorial Races In Virginia, New Jersey
Griff Jenkins reports from Washington, D.C.

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    anything bannon touches turns to gold
    anything trump touches turns to a loss
    I Don’t think trump would have won the election widout bannons help and trump shud acknowledge that

  • Kirbae

    Democrats do a great job

    of fucking up America

  • Lloyd Powell

    President Trump did not win when those two states in the presidential election so “big deal”.

  • misterfunnybones

    Trump needs to do something modest like round up all the demoncrats & put them in concentration camps. 卐 TRUMP 卐

  • cj57romulus

    a no brainier. Virginia welcome to higher taxes and more state government infringement on your rights. Higher taxes to pay those in the huge welfare areas. This country became highly divided under Obama . Virginians are indentured servants of their state .

  • Mr. KIM REASBECK Ottawa Ontario


  • coolguy5555551

    Both NJ & VA gubernatorial elections as well as the NYC mayoral election were areas that President Trump lost in 2016. This barely changes anything.

  • GLC2013

    What a proud day for the young men of Virginia.  They now have a drag queen role model.  Having a president who enforces immigration laws, respects the Constitution, creates jobs and calls a spade a spade is terrible.  It would have been so much better if the lying, career criminal, pay-for-play lesbian bull dyke had won last year.  Hillary could have sold our jobs and country to the highest bidder.  And she could have flooded us with 500% more Africans and Muslims (all of whom vote radical left), to ensure the death of the Republican party and a permanent Dem monopoly.  How lovely that would have been.  Easy to see where some of that 18 billion dollars Soros just funneled over here went.  Also easy to see how sick and brainwashed Americans are, voting for drugs and globalism because their delusional libnut teachers and media tell them what to think.  Amazing that Millennials never question the ulterior motive behind their own brainwashing!

  • J. Muller

    They will be    sorry




    2017 = DEMOCRAT’S WIN ✔
    2020 = MIKE PENCE LOSES ✔

  • isaac OL

    Get used to it people. The whole country knows the FACT that Trump is a disaster and a con. Never again. MAGA

  • The Engineer

    We need to rebuild the American Unions in this country. We need progressive laws and rules in place to give the people what was great back in the day, Unions, Pensions, a banked Social Security ready for the people after working hard for many many years and a “Co-Op” where the workers can decide if their CEO needs a parachute bonus of $50-100M for doing a disservice to the company. A Co-Op where the workers each have a vote to say if they want their company to stay rather than move their operations to China and lose their jobs. There are tough financial times ahead and we need to make rules for the workers rather than the uber rich management. They got their bonuses, but the honest working man has yet to get their fair share. If you want to support the rich, that is fine. If you want your jobs moved overseas than just keep it just like the way it is and go conservative but how well has it helped you so far.

  • Ron Winter

    It was a good day….

  • mary saw

    Makes me laugh, that Virginia has such a stupid population. Enjoy your choices. Demorats won’t help you state. SO tired of the liers and deniers of the demorats.


    Divisiveness, hatred, and bigotry, yep sounds about right.

  • Powerdriller Power

    Trumpism is losing steam, while Dems are gaining a lot of it. This year run-off elections won by the Repubs in the Bible Belt had already told it : yes, the GOP won all the run-off´s in their fortress-Repub sites, but they lost 20 points of advantage. The conclusion then, confirmed yesterday, was that : Out of the Bible-Belt, Trump was going to lose badly .

  • Raging Heretic

    I came here to watch Trump supporters seethe. I haven’t been disappointed. You tards got CRUSHED.

  • M C


  • Xcris crosX

    No more disgracing our country! Make United States Stately Again

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